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Frp’is called Lan Marie for “vietnamesermegge” on Facebook – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): on Monday published Kristin Brataas, study in Nordre Aker Frp, a message on his Facebook page. With coarse language directed she its anger against the commissioner for environment and transport, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDGS).

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initially published I post as an individual on my Facebook page. I was pissed at dieselforbudet and it was what got me to react, ” says Kristin Brataas to the Newspaper.

In the message, which, according to Brataas was removed after half an hour, call she Lan Marie Nguyen Berg for “fittetryne”, an expression she believes was common on me when she went to high school.

- I removed the post because the use of language, my not understand, ” says Brataas.


In addition, call the leader for studiegruppa in Nordre Aker Frp byråden for “vietnamesermegge” and asks her to go back to Vietnam or North Korea.

- It is not racially intended. The one that looks English out basically white, ” says Kristin Brataas.

It was the Daily newspaper that first publicized the case. In an interview with the leader of Oslo Frp, Aina Stenersen, that the Brataas was told to remove the message.

I took hold of this as soon as I got to know about it, and asked her to remove the message. These are attitudes that are not conservative party stands for, ” says Aina Stenersen of the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen.

According to Brataas votes is it not that she was ordered to remove the message from its Facebook page.

- I removed it very quickly, because I found out that it was inappropriate. There is no one who ordered me to it. I found out myself, ” says Kristin Brataas.


Lan Marie Nguyen Berg was in the day of the meeting with the city council in Oslo, referring to the MDGs national spokesperson for comment.

- This happens time and time again against Lan. This is racism and hate speech, says Une Aina Bastholm.

- It is a hetskultur that is about to develop in Norway, and we need an authority that goes out and says in the face of such message. We have Solveig Horne (progress party) ministry of children, equality and inclusion. Now she must get on the court, ” says Bastholm to the Newspaper.

the SPOKESPERSON: Une Aina Bastholm (MDG) believe Lan Marie Nguyen Berg constantly subjected to verbal abuse and hate speech. Photo: Øistein Norum Monsen / Dagbladet Show more

Bastholm, which is meant for the MDGS in Oslo, norway, believes it is dangerous for democracy if these trends develop without resistance.

- It is sad if one must suffer slander and hate speech and to develop elefanthud if you want to take on a political office in Norway, ” says Aina Une Bastholm.

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