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Young asylum seekers go to pieces – Daily

– We can soon no more, say Y Johannessen, deputy chairman of Vergeforeningen.

She draws a plunged into darkness picture of the situation of the unaccompanied minor asylum seekers living in Norwegian reception. Every single day she gets raising your concerns from guardians around the country who do not know what to do.

the Guardians are in the process of cracking together. The situation is completely desperate. It seems as though the government think it is okay that the children just disappear. We had never accepted that the Norwegian children were treated like that. I almost can’t believe that we let it happen, ” says Johannessen.

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Afghan boys

Afghan boys make up the vast majority of minors who got rejection or a temporary stay in the year.

– They have no longer any opportunity to obtain permanent protection in Norway. There is either a rejection or a time-limited residence permit. It means that they are being deported to Kabul after they have filled 18 years, ” says Johannessen.

In 2016, got 316 unaccompanied minor temporary residence permit. The year before, the figure was 15. It was processed more asylum applications in the last year, but the increase does not weigh up for the strong growth in the use of midlertidighet.

” They know that they don’t get to be, and feel that they have nothing more to live for. The disappointment and the fear that these boys are experiencing is tremendous. The vast majority of the minors have a real need of protection and have fled for their lives.

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– hell

In the last year disappeared to 182 adolescents from the Norwegian reception. Most disappearances happened just before christmas after police conducted a storaksjon against young afghans in the middle of the night.

Vergeforeningen have contact with many of the boys disappears. They get reports from children that live on the streets in the major cities in Europe.

One of the reasons why fewer afghan minors get permanent residence, due to the fact that the UDI did a new assessment of the security situation in Afghanistan in the last year. No provinces are seen as so precarious that afghan asylum seekers cannot be sent back. Johannessen describes the assessment as “famøs” and refers to all the gloomy reports coming from the war-torn country.

In addition, the Parliament in the last year to remove the requirement of “rimelighetsvurdering” for internflukt – which means that the afghans who come from unsafe areas can be sent back to another province without that it is assessed whether this is reasonable or not.

There has also been harsh criticism against alderstesten as the minors go through. Many get revised upwards the age they have stated. The test is highly contested. Medical association advise against Norwegian doctors to make such aldersundersøkelse because it is so uncertain.

– the Lives of these boys has been a true hell as a result of government policy, ” says Johannessen.

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Against The desire

save the Children has also engaged himself strongly in the matter.

– We have never been so concerned for the children who have fled alone to Norway as we are today, and we see that there has been a clear deterioration in the last few months. From our volunteers we get to hear about the unaccompanied minors who say they don’t want to live. Several disappear from the asylum centres. We believe the increased use of temporary stay is a major reason that this happens, ” says Camilla Scharffscher Engeset, a special adviser at save the Children.

save the Children believes that the practice is in violation of international law.

– It is incomprehensible that we continue a practice that is demonstrably harmful to the children. This practice also goes against the Parliament’s wishes. A majority voted against increasing the use of temporary stay, after strong resistance in the høringsrundene. The rationale was that it affect kids negatively and that it is not proven that such a practice prevents that several children put on the flight.

save the Children have sent letters to the prime minister along with 26 other organizations.

– You may not use the children who come here as a means to send a signal to the other children when we know that the practice is so harmful. There is a very clear violation of the rights of the child.

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Can not be returned

In the last year got the 111 unaccompanied minors afghans their asylum applications rejected. The previous three years received a total of 11 rejections. Mona Reigstad Dabour, advisor at NOAS, tells us that those who are refused can’t tvangsreturneres.

– Unaccompanied minors may not tvangsreturneres without being prepared for reunification with caregivers. Had previously unaccompanied minors afghans the opportunity to return voluntarily through the return program of IOM, but this program was stopped in the last year. It is very unfortunate that given the refusal of so many minors, without that the Norwegian authorities are working actively with the detection of the caregivers and the reunion, says Dabour.

She believes that it is unfortunate for the community as a whole that you get such a great group of young people without legal stay in the country.

– There are many single minor that vanishes, and we know that these children and young people are in a vulnerable situation. They run the risk of becoming a victim of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation, ” says Dabour.

the UDI director Frode Blame believe there is good reason to be concerned about the situation of young afghans.

We know there is great frustration among afghans, and we are going to follow the situation at the reception centre carefully.

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