Friday, January 20, 2017

Imprisoned for the rape of children in own family – VG

the Man was arrested on Wednesday. Thursday decided Sunnmøre district court to varetektsfengsle him in four weeks. According to the ruling, he has acknowledged all conditions, he is charged with.

According to the police is the man, who is in their 20s, charged with raping a child under 14 years of age. It tells politiadvokat Julie Ulstein in Møre and Romsdal police district to the VG.

He is further charged with having made themselves familiar with the material that talks about the sexual abuse of children.

– he Has shared such material themselves?

we will try to find out in the investigation, says Ulstein, who did not want to go into details because the man is imprisoned on the basis of the danger of bevisforspillelse.

– It means that there is much we don’t have clarity yet. We do not want to comment on his explanation beyond that he has acknowledged the actual circumstances in the indictment.

– Can the charge be extended?

– We don’t look away from it, since we are right at the start of the investigation in this case.

– In issues with the sharing of that kind of material, it is often more involved. Can it get more pågripelser in the case?

In this case is the investigation directed against him who is imprisoned now. We have no concrete suspicions against other people.

It was TV2, which first publicized the case. They write that the police have made seizures in the man’s computer equipment and hard drives, but that they do not want to go into details about the seizure.

the Man will be subject to the letter – and besøkskontroll in the four weeks he is ” I.


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