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Jensen to Cappelen after hasjbeslag: “A man in the ditch” – NRK

Spesialenheten believe the korrupsjonstiltalte officer, Eirik Jensen has given narkotikasmugleren Gjermund Cappelen information against payment. The information shall Cappelen have used to smuggle tons of hashish into Norway.

Eirik Jensen now been eight days in vitneboksen, and the prosecutor Kristine Schilling has the last few days been tougher in its confrontation of the retired politilederen. Monday drew Schilling present a case from February 2011.

the Police found when cannabis resin worth about 50 million dollars in a utenlandskregistrert trailer outside a warehouse at Lørenskog, according to Romerikes Blad. The seizure was made after police had received information from Customs about the trailer, which was observed on the border to Svinesund.

Follow the questioning of the Jensen directly here:

– A notification that he should listen

In court Monday focused Schilling that Jensen in this period was the head of Special Operations in the Oslo police. In that regard, should Jensen have got a bistandsanmodning from police in Romerike.

After that some media have referred to the matter, writes Jensen, a cryptic SMS to narkotikasmugleren Gjermund Cappelen.

“A man in the ditch. To look at the damage on the car”.

the Prosecutor Kristine Schilling spent Monday a long time to through SMS Jensen sent to Cappelen in 2011.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

the Prosecutor Kristine Schilling pressed Jensen about the current SMS-a, and suggested that Jensen gave Cappelen information that it was one of his own hasjtransporter that was stopped.

What does a man in the ditch? asked the prosecutor Schilling.

it means that It is taken a man, or transport, replies Jensen.

What does it mean that you should “look at the damage on the car”?

It means that one should look at the confiscation order is made. It is a warning to him that he should listen.

“Ran on both gasoline and diesel”

Later investigation have not linked the current hasjtransporten to Cappelen, and rather, the issue is not a part of the charges against Jensen. Still used the Schilling a long time to grill Jensen about details, and says in court that the seizure consisted of both hashish and marijuana. She also read out a different SMS Jensen sent Cappelen in the days after the seizure.

“Car with 300 hp went on both petrol and diesel, not something I think we should fix up”.

questions from the prosecutor confirms Jensen that “gas” probably was the markup language for marijuana, and that the “diesel” applies to marijuana. He believes the message indicates that Cappelen would not make additional attempts to obtain information about the case.

– I think it is that the matter has resolved itself. It is in the phase after the seizure, and I think maybe everyone was arrested then. There is a reason that I have sent the message with the wording.

the Case lay out on the net

In court, claims Jensen, SMS-one of the only trades that he would activate Cappelen as the source, and that he asked to “listen for” information from the environment.

I ask him to listen. He can see that there is a seizure of a place, and is so quick in pæra that he finds out that it is a hasjbeslag. So should I try to see what was content.

Overview of Jensen’s kortbruk shows that the retired policeman also went to Svinesund, where the current trailer was first detected by Customs. Schilling believes the case shows that Jensen often received information from the Customs authorities at the larger seizures.

– you Have a critical rethinking of what information you provide Cappelen means to him?

– No, I have not thought of. Especially not when the case is out on the web, answering Jensen.

Towards the end of the questioning, it became obvious that tingrettsdommer Kim Heger struggling to see what Spesialenhetens the prosecutor will forward to by bringing up the case. 12.15 raised Heger court for lunch.

Eirik Jensen sits in vitneboksen for the eighth day in a row. This picture is taken on the not only did the second day.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix


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