Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Helgesen got ulverefs in Parliament – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

–When one is frozen for much by ulveforliket, as we believe the government has done with its understanding of the law, there is unrest. We agreed that the conflict should be mitigated. Where are we not, and it gives the government a huge responsibility, ” said Hans Olav Syversen (KrF).

the Parliament debated Tuesday Helgesens statement to Parliament 17. January. He defended the da’s decision to allow the felling of a few of the wolves that the local rovviltnemndene had permission to.

the party’s Terje Aasland believes the government "parked Parliament’s will".

I find little in the report that bears the stamp of an inherent willingness to implement the decision the Parliament adopted in June, he said.

Marit Arnstad (Sp) went far in implying lack of confidence Helgesen:

-We are faced with a minister who does not follow up a storting and not took the effort to inform about it, she said.

She believes Helgesen early last fall should have informed the Storting that it would be difficult to follow up ulveforliket.

After such behaviour, one must ask oneself whether one can have confidence in the government’s ability to follow up the Storting’s decision, she continued, and added that the government’s follow-up will also be crucial.



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