Sunday, January 29, 2017

The left removes the proposals on inheritance tax – Today’s Business

the Left choose to not study models for the inheritance tax. Young Left the alerts for the replay.

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” We have taken a round on it, and found out that stortingsgruppa can take the initiative for such an evaluation completely independent of the program, explains the Left-the deputy chair Terje Breivik of the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen.

the Discussion about the inheritance tax has been given new impetus after the Labour party presented its skatteplan for the next four years. Nor does the Ap go into too taxing inheritance in the next stortingsperiode.

They should at least keep it for those with high wealth, “says the French economist Thomas Piketty, as previously stated that it is a historic mistake by the Labour party to say’ no ‘ to implement the employee’s social security contribution.

Want debate welcome

Breivik would welcome a debate about this in congress in the spring. The leader of the Young Left, Tord Hustveit, says this is one of the issues they will lift up.

There was a lot of resistance in the political party against this, but we think nevertheless it is a pity that the programme committee will not go in for such consideration.

Hustveit says it should pay to work, and they propose, therefore, to reduce taxes on work. They believe that a tax on inheritance can be a way to finance this.


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