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A person is charged with after the fire in Lillehammer, norway – Dagbladet.en

(Dagbladet): In the night evacuated the police 17 people from an apartment building in Storgata 81 in Lillehammer, norway. This after a powerful fire broke out.

HEAVY FIRE: A person is charged with after the fire in Lillehammer and will be presented for varetektsfengsling Monday, reports NRK. Photo: Geir Olsen/NTB Scanpix Show more

Now report writing police in a news release that a person indicted as a result of the fire. They are portrayed for imprisonment in the morning.

Politiadvokat Øyvind Bjerke says to NRK that the police currently can not say more about the indictment.

This since it is still early in the investigation.

A woman was taken to hospital as a result of smoke damage in connection with the fire.

the Investigators assume that the fire originated in an apartment in the 2 floor. Several residents were asleep when the flames broke out, according to police.

” We have been out several residents who were sleeping and who were in the apartment, said operasjonsleder Atle B. von Obstfelder to Dagbladet around kl.04.45 in the night.

Spread to nabobygningene

At the time worked with the police still to get an overview of all the residents at the address.

o’clock 06.30-lit operasjonslederen that the fire had spread, and that the fire department had no control.

” the Fire has spread to main street 79, and the fire department it will probably spread to no.77 also. What is with these town houses is that it is betongskille between no. 75 and 77, but 77, 79 and 81 are trebegyggelse. The fire department fear that they are not able to stop the fire before it comes to betonskille, said von Obstfelder to the Newspaper.

In the main street and 77 and 79, it is not apartments, but the business.

to the hospital

But at 05: 30 am-the time they believe, after having talked with the evacuees, to have a control on all who live there.

It is the students that live in the house, and only three of them are folkeregistert there, so it was an extra challenge for the police.


In the 06-time on Sunday morning, notify the police that the fire has gone through the roof in the building component in the main street 79.

“It is betongskille between the main street 75/77, otherwise it is trebegyggelse”, writes police on Twitter.

The evacuees got to stay at the Mill hotel.

Dagbladet update the case.

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