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This can determine citizenship-the battle in the day – NRK

Mahad Adib Mahamud lost citizenship after 17 years in Norway.

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– These are the people who never should have had citizenship. It is not we that deprive them the citizenship, they have cheated themselves to it, says Keshvari in the Political quarter.

He believes the current arrangement where the UDI can revoke citizenship if it is proved that an applicant has provided incorrect information, works well.

Scheme has, however, received harsh criticism in the last few days, especially in the light of the case to the bioingeniør Mahad Adib Mahamud, who has lost the citizenship after 17 years in Norway. About two days, he loses also the right to work.

Fear for the rule of law

socialist left member of parliament Heikki Eidsvoll Holmås is among those who are trying to collect a majority in Parliament to change the scheme. He believes it to lose citizenship is a straffreaksjon that should be decided by a court, such a scheme is in Belgium.

– the Number of cases has increased in the past, and several of the cases makes me concerned for people’s rule of law. People have been deprived of the citizenship without that it is ensured that they have another citizenship, and they are going as stateless, he says.

In addition to the SV, supports the Labour party, the Left centre party and the MDG proposal today. Thus it becomes a majority for the proposal if KrFs party goes in for it when they hold group meeting in the afternoon.

the progress Mayzar Keshvari, socialist left Heikki Holmås and presenter David Lydersen in the Political quarter.

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– Undermines asylinstituttet

the progress party’s member of parliament and immigration spokesman Mayzar Keshvari claim there are several thousand people in Norway whose identity is unknown to the authorities.

It is good that the cat comes out of the bag and A eventually admits that they want Swedish conditions in Norway. But people will not get scam to stay. It is a serious matter to deprive people of citizenship, but even more serious to undermine the asylinstituttet, ” he says.

Keshvari fear that other matters must give way if the courts should treat all statsborgerskapssakene. And he is a strong opponent of a foreldelsesfrist, as in Sweden.

– A time limit is the worst. Then it is only to claw themselves fast enough and long enough, so will you be, ” he says.

– do not Go after lengeværende

the UDI director Frode Blame.

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the UDI director Frode Blame says the increase in the number of cases with revocation of the residence permit or citizenship the last time partly due to released capacity due to fewer asylum seekers. He says most of the cases people who have recently arrived in Norway.

– It is only in exceptional cases that we go after people who have been here for a long time and gained citizenship. But if we get into concrete information in the old cases, we will be able to look at them and examine whether there is a basis for pulling the permits back, ” he says.

Blame says UDI do thorough research in such matters, and claims the rule of law is well taken care of.

This is the cases in which it is involved, get a statement in several stages. When we have made the decision, it may be appealed to the appeals board. We take such matters of great seriousness, because it is serious to withdraw a naturalization, he explains.


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