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Woman taken to have poisoned her husband – Aftenposten

Woman taken to have poisoned her husband – Aftenposten

On Tuesday, a woman in early 30s was arrested at Oslo airport in a carefully planned police action.

reports Bergens Tidende.

The woman is Filipino citizen and stayed until last summer in Sund municipality. She is accused of having killed his Norwegian husband (62).

The charges sounds on premeditated murder.

– The police believe that the murder by poisoning, specifically using carbon monoxide and drugs, said sheriff Helge Spell by Askøy, Sotra and Øygarden sheriff’s office.

Found dead

It was on June 25 last year that the 62-year-old man was found dead in the bedroom in their joint home.

The death was considered unexpected and deceased was therefore routinely sent to autopsy. Police also moved out of the residence and conducted a crime scene investigation the same day.

Then, several months later the final result of the investigations. Analysis showed then that the man probably died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, blood samples have demonstrated others, sedative drugs.

One of the police theories early in the investigation was that the man was killed, and that he was drugged at the forefront of the murder plot, get BT enlightened.

Electronic slot

Eventually emerge man’s wife as the main suspect.

In October last year police received court’s blessing to ransack the place where the wife stayed. The woman was then basically formally charged for having given false testimony.

Later it turned out that she had traveled to their original homeland, the Philippines, not long after the death and before the police got the final results from autopsy.

Refuses culpability

She also stayed elsewhere in Norway, where she has close family.

– I do not want to go into detail about how we have worked on this issue, but this has been a lengthy investigation where we have had assistance from various quarters, including NCIS, said Spell.

Norway has no extradition treaty with the Philippines. Her lawyer, Ms Keller Fløystad confirms that she came to Norway of their own free will, after a while vacationing abroad.

– My client does not acknowledge guilt at the present time. She is heavily influenced and in shock at having been charged with such a serious relationship premeditated murder, says defender.

Keller Fløystad would not comment further on the case.

– Very special case

But this Tuesday the woman came back to Norway, where she was arrested not many minutes after she stepped off the plane.

– This is a very special case that also gives a solid reminder of why it is so important that the police are called out to unexpected deaths, said sheriff Spell.

– Why did it take so long before police arrested the woman?

– The investigation has been ongoing for a long time and we have worked hard to analyze and interpret the evidence that has gradually entered. Only recently we had sufficient basis for determining charges and arrest of a person, says Spell, which alerts the police will hold a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

– Very good police work

The last year especially his sheriff department received heavy criticism for the way the police handled the case on Monika. This time feel Spell assured that the police have done a thorough job.

– I’m proud of the team that has dealt with this matter. This is very good police work, says Sheriff.

The woman will be prepared for custody Thursday, police said.

Published: 18.feb. 2015 3:21 p.m.


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