Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Very snøfattig winter – Bergens Tidende

Several places in the country is this year’s winter the most snøfattige of around 60 years, according to the Norwegian water resources and energy directorate (nve).

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There has been less snow in Valdres since the 1950s, writes VG. Also not on the Finnskogen it has been registered less snow since 1958. Also the entire Eastern and half of the South-Norway is snøfritt at the end of January.

– It is the Eastern regions which is quite special in the winter. Here is the dryland everywhere, ” says researcher Thomas Skaugen Norwegian water resources and energy directorate (NVE).

– Totland to be a wonderful place for all

Typical vestavær

Over large parts of the Hardangervidda is this year’s snow cover among the two to three worst inside NVEs model. Also on the South coast and the west coast must be way up in the hills to find snow.

There are two issues that make this: a lot of typical vestavær with high temperatures and little precipitation when it has been cold. We see that we, for example, in the Valdres area have all the way up to 1400 metres to find the normal snow conditions, ” says Skaugen.

– You are chopped better off on the west coast than on the Eastern. Østlendingen must about to Voss to find snow, ” says hydrolog Heidi Bache the Beach in the Norwegian water resources and energy directorate (NVE) to Bergens Tidende.

According to the Beach is bare in many places on the west coast where there normally is snow.

But in the mountains it is smooth. Here east you go skiing on the two centimeterne with the rim located in the fields, ” she says and laughs.

Went through the ice at Finse: – Horrible scary

Not a lot of snow in store

Statsmeteorolog Ine-Therese Pedersen at the Norwegian Meteorological institute confirms that the first and foremost is the Eastern regions that have had little snow now in the winter.

– There are people in california who have reason to complain. But it is a little less snow than usual also in norway, says Pedersen.

She reports that in Bergen on Tuesday morning, the three degrees and partly cloudy.

It should increase in with the wind today, and can come up in the strong breeze on the coast in the evening. The front coming in from the west, and will keep the precipitation away.

Wednesday comes this closer, and out of the day, it can get rain on the coast. In the height there will be some replenishment of snow.

But there is not much snow in wait. And what comes, comes in the height. It appears that Bergen will get some snow in the time to come.

you Should go skiing in the vicinity of Bergen, recommend statsmeteorologen and take a trip to Kvamskogen.

– Where have they in any case freezing temperatures, and on the night of Thursday it will get a little snow.


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