Saturday, January 28, 2017

Large steinras isolate island in the Finnmark – VG

Havøya in Finnmark is blocked off after Saturday night went to a large steinras over the main road that connects the island with the mainland.

Road 889 runs between Smørfjord and Havøysund on the Havøya where the municipal centre of the Måsøy municipality is located. The municipality has just over 1200 inhabitants, distributed on five islands.

We are well thousands of people who live on the island. We are now in krisestab in the municipality, ” says mayor Gudleif Kristiansen (SP) in Måsøy municipality to VG.

More house evacuated

the Police of Vest-Finnmark describes the slide as very large. In cooperation with the emergency services, they have evacuated seven houses, since it has not been possible to have reviewed the security around the landslide.

the Mayor explains that the slide has gone on Havøy, not far from the bridge over to the mainland.

– It is very steep on the spot, and there have been avalanches there before. The mountain is approximately 40 metres high where. We do not have an overview of how big it is, but it is high. Now, we have evacuated a number of houses that can be threatened, and work to get an overview of where the evacuees will be taken care of.

He says that it is possible to go over the bridge, and progress on foot without passing the landslide. It is not possible to drive a car to and from the Havøya.

– We have now established contact with the rescue boat, which is fixed here in Havøysund, which also serves as ambulansebåt, ” he says.


– There is a huge landslide, it is so big that we are evacuating a few houses below the road. I had to decide it at full speed, ” says Kristiansen.The fire department stands for the evacuation. The residents are, among other things lodged in Havøysund hotel until further notice.

Local forces work Saturday evening with the to block by the landslide.

On the island is it’s full isolation. We block off the road, but there is nothing we can do now in the evening. Those who have been and seen, says we must wait until daylight, for it looks so threatening out there who are left, ” he says.


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