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Branndrama in Storgata in Lillehammer (NRK)

fire chief Knut Birger Ground says he is pleased that they have managed to stop the fire.

We are still working with to make sure that the fire does not spread to the south. But we think we have control now, ” says Hill.

See the interview with Hill here:

the Fire department: – We think we have control

A building is totalskadd, it is not clear where the major smoke and water damage there is.

Fought against explosive fire

the Fire department was a long time afraid that the fire in the main street 81 should spread to the south in the old wooden buildings.

” the Fire was explosive and spread rapidly. but now it looks as if the fire is stopped, thanks to the great efforts of the fire department, ” says Øvreås.

See the interview with kulturvernkonsulent Gry Wiese Horndalsveen:

Kulturvernkonsulent: – Terribly sad

House number 77, 79 and 81 are wooden houses. It is a betongskille between house numbers 77 and 75. The fire department was a long time afraid that they would not be able to stop the fire before betongskillet.

the Mayor of Lillehammer, Espen Granberg Johnsen, says he is relieved that no one is injured.

This is of course sad. But fortunately it looks as though it has gone well with all the residents, ” he says.

Fire Lillehammer

Police were notified about the fire clock 04.03. the building is at the junction between the Elvegata and main street. The police believe they have been evacuated everyone who lived in the buildings.

– This is absolutely terrible

WOKE up: Åge Pedersen woke up by fire alarm and rescued out.

Photo: Reidar Kjæstad / NRK

Åge Pedersen live in the apartment building. He woke by the fire alarm and says he experienced it all that dramatically.

– I had been away on a visit and was sitting up and watching TV. It was very luck that I have let me on the couch, and not in the bedroom. For when I woke up, it was full with smoke. I don’t know if I had survived, ” says Pedersen.

Pedersen was rescued out of a window and be able to climb down in safety by the help of the fire department stigebil.

This is absolutely terrible. I did not have with me more than I can stand and walk in, ” says Pedersen.

Known and loved street

Storgata in Lillehammer, with its old wooden houses, is well known to many norwegians. The street is a mile long, continuous straight street with shops. In the main street are parts of Lillehammers oldest buildings, a part of the buildings have substantial protection status.

During the Winter OLYMPICS in 1994 was the main street referred to as “Stågata” because of the large amount of people who were there.

Video from approx. at 0530:

Fire in the apartment building in Lillehammer

do Not control

the Fire in the main street 81 quickly spread to the second floor to the third floor, and up through the roof. The fire department punched holes on the roof to get better control, told the police operasjonsleder Atle b. von Obstfelder to NRK in the morning.

Witnesses called in to the emergency number and told them about the fire. At about the same time announced a politipatrulje about the fire, said Obstfelder to NRK.

Efforts to get control of the fire was difficult.

– There are open flames and difficult to get to, both to the roof and the walls. Brannfolkene does not have control over the fire now.

It is burning in an apartment building in central Lillehammer.

Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK

Have evacuated nine people

Three people are registered as living at the address of the apartment that burns. A total of 15 people are staying at the hotel.

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IN the LILLEHAMMER city CENTRE: the Fire broke out in an apartment building, at the junction between the Elvegata and Storgata in Lillehammer city centre.


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