Monday, January 30, 2017

AUF-leader Mani Hussaini believes that Trump should be denied entry to Norway – NRK

If we are to follow the logic of his, so I think he is a danger for our democracy and the western values. When can Norway say that Trump is not welcome in Norway, ” says Hussaini and refers to the fact that the leader of the british labour party have advocated the same.

The us president’s controversial presidentordre (see information below) about refugees and immigrants has led to strong reactions around the world.

– Was not rid of syrian citizenship

Millions of people are denied the now entry into the united STATES. Mani Hussaini believe that his birthplace, Syria, also mean that he is one of them.

Trump has among other things introduced travel restrictions on 90 days for people from seven muslim countries, including Syria.

Hussaini is a Norwegian citizen and has a Norwegian passport. He says that he has tried to remove their syrian citizenship, but that the message from the syrian embassy is that it is not possible.

– So it is likely that I had not come into the united STATES now, says he to NRK.

Facts about Trumps travel restrictions

* Us president Donald Trump signed on Friday an order for comprehensive changes in the United states utlendingspolitikk to prevent “radical islamic terrorists” to come to the united STATES.

* Refugees are denied admission to the united STATES for a period of 120 days.

* Syrian refugees are locked out indefinitely, or until the has been good enough that potential terrorists can exploit the weaknesses in the system.

* the Introduction of a general travel restrictions in the 90 days for people from the seven predominantly muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

* the Prohibition also applies to travelers who have dual citizenship, if one of them is from one of the seven countries.

* Presidentordren also includes the people who today have a work permit in the united STATES.

* Only 50.000 refugees will be allowed into the course of the budget year. It is more than a halving of obama’s limit of 110.000.

* the ministry of Defence and the ministry of foreign affairs to plan for the security zones in Syria to provide protection to syrians who are escaping from war.


– Conflict with western values

AUF leader says that he has thought long on how to respond to Trumps presidentordre. There are two particular words that he is left with: Dangerous and stupid.

Dangerous, because it increases the contradiction between people, religions and countries. Lame, because it, among other things, leads to a ungdomspolitiker from Norway now doubt whether he is welcome in the united STATES.

– I have lived in Norway for 18 years and is ungdomspolitiker. I spend all my time on that the community will be better, and so says the leader of the most powerful democracy in the world that “you can’t come in”. It’s just stupid, ” says Hussaini and continues:

– There is no doubt that the line Trump leads are in conflict with western values, that says that all people are of equal worth, regardless of how one looks, what one believes in and where one is born.

Young Right: – Hole in the head

According to Hussaini should therefore the Norwegian authorities respond with travel restrictions against Trump.

the Young Right-leader Kristian Tonning Riise calls the proposal “one of the tåpeligste” he has heard in a long time.

I’m no fan of Trump, to say the least, but to deny the Us president entry to the Uk is simply a hole in the head, ” he says.

– With or without Trump, the united STATES is our closest ally. That a small country like Norway should set out with US on the way, would have thrown Norway into a foreign and security-political uncertainty of the dimensions.

Also, FpUs chairman, Bjørn-Kristian Svendsrud, believes Manis proposals will make matters worse.

– It will not really result in much more than less international influence for the Uk, something the Uk is little benefit.


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