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Last: the Plural for that only courts can revoke citizenship – Aftenposten

Thus, there is a majority for the socialist left suggestions about this in Parliament, which is also supported by the Ap, Sp, MDG and Left.

today, the UDI alone withdraw the citizenship. But now suffering Listhaug and government failures and the need to change practice.

the Case is highlighted because the UDI will throw the 30-year-old bioingeniøren Mahad Abib Mahamud out of Norway.

They believe he spoke false about the country he came from, in an application for asylum 16 years ago.

Ask the Government await the processing requirements

The six parties that are now coming together to change the rules attacker is not grounds to lose citizenship – that the person has provided incorrect information and/or fortiet information – but they believe a court will be better suited than an officer in UDI to assess the evidence in such cases.

the Parties asking the Government to promote a proposal to change the act so that the corresponding tilbakekallelser of citizenship shall be in the dom.

Before that happens, ask the Government to “await review” of such cases until the policy is changed.

Immigration and integreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (progress party) do not want to comment on the case now because she thinks a lot is still unclear, the newspaper Aftenposten stated from the ministry of Justice and public security.

£ F: – Important with foreldelsesfrist

This goes further than the original proposal: They also want it to be a foreldelsesfrist. After a long period of residence in the country, it is no longer risk to lose citizenship, even if it is revealed that the man lied on his application.

– We believe a citizenship in Norway should hang high, we will not have people who cheat to it. But to take from someone a citizenship that the government has given, is a serious matter. Therefore, it is important that this has a foreldelsesfrist, a time limit, ” says Geir Toskedal (KrF), a member of the Municipal and forvaltningskomiteen.

KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide adding that the party will strengthen the rule of law and that the process should be made safer than it is today.

− We will work on when it comes to this to provide free legal aid and make proposals to make the proceedings even better, ” he says.

A: – A victory for the legal protection garanties

A great victory for the legal protection garanties, says member of parliament Heikki Holmås (SV). – We are glad that we have got with us the Progress on this. He believes the Government’s policies in practice have been in conflict with the law as the Parliament of his time adopted.

the Way this is been practiced is that we have given a message to the people who have received Norwegian citizenship that they can never be completely safe – a day anyone can come and take from them the citizenship, says Holmås.

What do you think about foreldelsesfrist?

We think you also need to look at this question.

Frp: – Want answers to a series of questions

Helge Other Njåstad (Frp), a leader in the Municipal and forvaltningskomiteen, it seems it is difficult to know the consequences of the proposal, which is in Parliament, and what is really proposed.

– We are left with a series of questions to forslagsstillerne that we want answers, ” he says, and points out that the proposal mixes together the revocation and loss of citizenship, which are two different things.

– For us, it is to change the act a serious matter. We will therefore know the consequences of the proposal and what actually is in it before we take position.

Njåstad believes it will be unfortunate to stop the proceedings of the tilbakekallelser in anticipation of the changes.

- This will delay the work to go through issues where you suspect that someone has tricked us.

a lot of engagement around Mahamud-case

Mahamud came to Norway as a young asylum seeker for 17 years ago and told he was from Somalia. By the time he has trained himself to bioingeniør, got a permanent job at Oslo university hospital and began a family.

the UDI believes Mahamud is not from Somalia, but neighbouring Djibouti. Therefore, be deprived of his citizenship and losing the right to work. Since the embassy in Djibouti, according to TV2 refuses to accept Mahamud, he risks to be stateless. But Mahamud has appealed the decision and the case will be up in court.

the Case has created strong reactions and commitment.

Mahad Adib Mahamud (30) loses the citizenship after 17 years in Norway: – Thank you for all the warm support law professor: Not enough to look at the id cheating to lose citizenship of the Fire on the Mahad-case: – Illegal to make someone stateless


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