Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mahad Abib Mahamud:– the Struggle for the rule of law continues – ABC News

About 300 people showed up to the torchlight procession and speeches in the centre of bristol rovers to support Mahamud, who have lived in Norway for 17 years, but is stripped of his Norwegian citizenship. During his appeal, he was keen to stress that there are “many who are in his situation.”

I am sorry for this happening in Norway, and the error we can correct up. I am very happy in you. The fight for justice and the rule of law to continue, and together we shall do it, said a tearful Mahad Abib Mahamud.

Cynical politicians

The 30-year-old bioingeniøren is deprived of the citizenship, because the Norwegian authorities believe he, as a 14-year-old spoke false about his real country of origin when he applied for asylum and later received the Norwegian citizenship.

– This happens in a situation where Europe is about to change. The politicians in country after country has become cynical and puts human rights on the game. We run the risk of making people stateless. Should it happen, it must be a very, very, serious reason which constitutes a hazard to Norway, said the socialist left Karin Andersen, who held appeal for Mahamud.

– thank god that the christian democratic party has said yes

on Wednesday, it was clear that the christian democratic party has ensured a majority in Parliament that the courts should try the case if any are in danger of losing citizenship. Thus it becomes the end that the Norwegian directorate of Immigration (UDI) and Norwegian Immigration appeals board can make such decisions alone.

the Mayor in Ringsaker, Anita Ihle Steen (Ap) praised the Progress to ensure the the majority.

I’m sorry that Mahamud and many others have experienced this. But I hope that we with his case and experiences get these issues in place. Thank god that the christian democratic party has said yes, pointed out Ihle Steen in his appeal.

Soon to the consultation

Thursday 9. February is the date set for the open hearing in the kommunalkomiteen in Parliament about a possible restructuring.

In may of last year, it was known that several ethnic somalis, who came to Norway at the end of the 1990s and beginning of 2000s lose statsborgerskapene their after suspected ID fraud. Since 2012, 135 people have been deprived of citizenship. Nearly half of the decisions were made in the last year, have innvandringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) previously disclosed in a letter to Parliament.


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