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Had to go because of søppelkaos:Get 75 000 to replace the job – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): on Monday, went Pål A. Sommernes of which the director of the Renovasjonsetaten, after pressure from the Oslo city council.

I have no comments in connection with my retirement as director in Renovasjonsetaten beyond as stated in the posted press release from the Byrådsavdeling for Environment and Transport, said Paul A. Sommernes in a press release on the matter.

Now, the letter still ex-director of the veil.

Facing the Newspaper confirms now Sommernes that the lawsuit would not have been excluded if not Oslo municipality had been willing to pay him 75 000 to go.

I would consider to not enter into the agreement if I do not got this performance. If there had been a lawsuit, depending on what my employer would have decided, now says Sommernes in a text message to the Newspaper.

the Salary and study leave

the Newspaper has disclosed in the agreement between the Oslo city council and ex-director, which shows that Sommernes:

  • Container director-the salary now that he starts in the new job at the Oslo city hall
  • Should begin as a project manager in byrådsavdelingen for urban development. Duties are to “be continuous” with the Oslo city council
  • Get right to paid study leave, with all expenses covered by the municipality
  • Get paid 75 000 extra money in February to avoid a legal conflict

Pay for to drop litigation

Ex-the director is the face of the Newspaper clearly that he would not have accepted what he describes as a “one-sided endringsbeslutning” from the Oslo-byrådets page.

- Yes, I would considered legal action. This payout is the result of a specific negotiation situation where there is a kontraktsregulert solution, ” says Sommernes to the Newspaper.

I’m mainly proud of the proven results, the municipality of Oslo and Renovasjonsetaten has achieved in the 11 years I have been director of the agency, says Sommernes.

He take the opportunity to greet his old colleagues in the Newspaper:

“To my dear former employee, I want to say – stand on and hold out!”, type Sommernes in a text message to the Newspaper.

MDG-Lan pushed renovasjonssjefen to the å gå


A note from Kommuneadvokaten in Oslo confirms ex-director’s version about why he got 75 000 in extra pay-outs:

“This amount is not associated with Sommernes’ wages, but must be regarded as an amount paid to get the employee in the meeting in connection with the efforts to find a solution on the fratredelsessituasjonen”.

The type Kommuneadvokaten in a note that the Newspaper has disclosed. Here it is stated further:

“It appears including the municipality by Kommuneadvokaten considers that it will be associated with a prosessrisiko if an amicable solution is not reached, and the case instead is a general litigation for the court”.

special adviser Monica sigurd’s son by byrådsavdelingen for environment and transport in Oslo, describes the 75 000 crowns as a “fratredelsesvederlag”:

- After dialogue with Sommernes was made a general evaluation where it was concluded that the municipality’s interests are best ensured by entering into an amicable agreement, and that it was reasonable to give Sommernes a fratredelsesvederlag.

Find even in Dagbladet map of søppelklager, which is now up to date until Monday, 9th. January:

Check søppelkrisa in Oslo gate to gate

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