Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Donald Trump fired the United states acting attorney general – NRK

Acting attorney general Sally Q. Yates has made it clear in a letter that she will not defend Trumps contested presidentordre about the travel restrictions in court.

Many have threatened with legal action after Trump refused the refugees and the citizens of seven muslim countries in the middle East entry into the united STATES.

Have been fired

In the letter, which the New York Times reviews, ” says Yates that she is not convinced that the order is legitimate. The letter should be sent to the lawyers in the justice department.

– I is responsible for ensuring that the legal position we take is in line with this institution’s commitment to pursuing justice and standing for what is right. Currently, I am not convinced that it’s to defend presidentordren is in line with this responsibility, and I’m also not convinced that the order is legal, writes Yates.

Now confirm The white house that Yates is deposited from the job as U.s. acting attorney general.

Acting attorney general Sally Yates has betrayed the justice department by refusing to impose a legal order, which is designed to protect the United states citizens, called in a sharp statement from The white house. She shall be alleged also to be “weak when it comes to boundaries and very weak when it comes to illegal immigration”.

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GAVE the MINISTER FIRED: U.s. president Donald Trump.

Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Boente takes over

According to The white house to Dana Boente, a veteran federal attorney general, take over Yates’ tasks until the Sessions are approved and committed.

Boente said in a statement that he revoke the directive from Yates, at the same time that he gives the employees of the department of justice told to do his duty and defend “the lawful orders of our president”.

Yates was appointed by former U.s. president, Barack Obama. It was expected that she nevertheless would have been replaced by Jeff Sessions in a short period of time, which is picked out of the Trump, as soon as he approved in Congress.

Allotted a boss

Also the acting chief of customs and border control were deposited on Monday. Again, there is talk about a etatsleder who was appointed by the Obama administration. The message that Daniel Ragsdale had to go from the job came an hour after Yates was sacked, but it was not given any reason for the dismissal.

Ragsdales replaces, Thomas Homan, will help “to ensure that we innvandringslovene being implemented in the united STATES in line with the nation’s interest”, says the minister for domestic security, John Kelly.

Trump has introduced a temporary travel restrictions for travelers from seven countries with predominantly muslim population and for refugees. For syrian refugees comes innreiseforbudet for an indefinite period of time, while other groups yet to be denied entry into the country in a few months.


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