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New man from the criminal environment arrested in Sweden after the shooting at the club in the Oslo newspaper Dagbladet.en

(Dagbladet): A new man is apprehended and ” I in two weeks charged with attempted murder after it was fired sharp shot from a red Jeep against Calle’s Food and Vinhus in Hausmannsgate in Oslo in the middle of the day 12. December of last year.

34-year-old is an acquaintance of the police, sentenced and belongs to the criminal environment in Oslo.

22. December reported the VG that the man who last year was acquitted for the shooting of the Mona Lisa, which formerly belonged to a gjengmiljø in Oslo, also is the ” I and charged with the shooting in Hausmannsgate. He should, according to Dagbladet sources gained many enemies in the environment the last few years.

GREAT INVESTIGATION: Skyteepisoden on the open street has a high priority at the Section for organized crime. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix Show more

” get lit that the attack should have been directed at an acquaintance of the police and the judiciary relating to the criminal environment in Oslo. The man is previously convicted of having exercised violence on several occasions at a club in Oslo, which today is closed down, but where he was previously deputy member of the board of directors. He beat, among others, a man in the head with a hammer so he had to sew six stitches. When he was younger he was convicted for threatening people with gun and knife.

- Flew from England

No persons were injured during the shooting on Calle’s Food and Vinhus , but the police believe that the shooting is gjengtilknyttet and has previously stated that the shooting appeared to be targeted.

Politiadvokat Ane Evang by the Section for Organized crime says that the man who was ” I Wednesday was handed over from Norway to Sweden after having been clamoring for the arrest.

- He was arrested in Sweden at Arlanda airport the 10. January following a request from the Norwegian public prosecutor’s office and we worked with the Swedish police to get him handed over to us, ” says Evang. The defendant traveled out of the country shortly after skyteepisoden and has lived abroad since, until he arrived at the Arlanda airport that day.

Politiadvokaten tells that the 34-year-old flew from England to Sweden and arrested there.

Why he did not direct flights to the Uk, I am not familiar with, nor about when and if he was going to Norway, ” says Evang.

34-åringens defender, Astri Aas-Hansen, don’t want to comment on the case towards the Newspaper.

MANY PERSONS PRESENT: Police say it is luck that no one was injured during the skyteepisoden. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix Show more

Police are hunting several

All the people involved in the case are charged with attempted murder or complicity to this. Two people are sitting now ” I in the matter.

- It is too early to say what the motive was at this time with respect to the bevisforspillelsesfare. There are even people who are not arrested who police believe has been involved in the case, ” says Evang.

the Investigation is now on to identify the involved person in different roles, as well as to reveal who sat in the car and who fired the shots, and, of course, also the motive behind, and the reason that it was shot against the nightspot. It is a serious issue which has high priority with the police, ” says Evang about skyteepisoden on the open gate.

quickly Found the car

JEEP: the Car that the shots were fired from was located not far from the scene of the crime. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix Show more

the Police stood up to the 22. December without pågripelser in the case. When was a gjengtilknyttet person charged and it was considered varetektsfengsling. After that, three people have been taken in by the police, but all of these were released at a time.

Witnesses have told that a car slowed go outside the club just before shots were fired, and that it then stuck a from the place. The car was stolen and was later found brought not far away, in the vicinity of Akerselva, writes NTB.

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