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Listhaug silent about Trumps travel restrictions – the Newspaper.en

(Dagbladet): Donald Trumps presidentordre to refuse people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen entry into the united STATES, has attracted strong reactions. In several cities, people have gone out into the streets to demonstrate.

Also here at home, ban the guard reactions.


prime Minister Erna Solberg went earlier in the day strongly against Trumps foreign policy, and said that refugees and other persons must be treated equally regardless of religion, nationality and skin colour

Neither the foreign ministry or the Us embassy can answer who it applies to

Invandring – and integreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug, who has been a driving force for Norway to have a strict immigration policy, do not want to kommere the case.

questions from the Newspaper about what thoughts Listhaug has about Trumps the prohibition, and whether Norway should do as the Trump, she says this:

- Contribute in the vicinity

Sahar would take care of his cancer ridden mother (76). So put US foot down

- the Norwegian immigration policy is fixed. Norway takes a huge responsibility by accepting the kvoteflyktninger through the united nations high commissioner and in relation to population, Norway is one of the countries that receives the most. For the government, it is also important to have control on the number of asylum seekers coming to Norway. By Norway, the eu appears less attractive to economic immigrants, and the influx is low, we can contribute to help more people in the neighbouring areas of war and conflict where the majority of the refugees are located. This frees up money that can be spent outside rather than at home to help more. When it comes to foreign policy matters, it is something that must be addressed to the ministry of Foreign affairs, she writes.

Through the Listhaugs advisor Espen Teigen she wishes not to comment on the case further.

Listhaugs partikollega Ulf Leirstein has previously stated that he supports Donald Trump. Stortingspolitikeren says that travel restrictions will not be applicable for Norway.

- Should not be surprised

FP: member of parliament Ulf Leirstein (Frp). Photo: OLE C. H. THOMASSEN/Dagbladet Show more

I did not look to me that it is appropriate for Norway, with such travel restrictions. Norway has by far managed to implement a strict and fair innvandringspolitik, ” he says.

Frp politician believes that we still do not have any reason to be surprised.

- But I think that Trump, of course, must be free to implement the policy he believes is good for the united STATES. And what he is doing is in line with the it can went to the options on. So no one should be so surprised, ” says Ulf Leirstein.

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