Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The fire at Carl Berner is off – NRK

By 12-time Tuesday, advancing all the emergency services out to reports of a heavy fire in a commercial building. There was a fire in the warehouse to butikkjeden Jysk.

– It is on the second floor where it has been burnt both inside the building and now in the roof structure will. It is a pretty large area with a roof here that potentially can ignite, said a leader, Oslo fire – and redningsetat, Thor Arne Elvrum to NRK at the 13 time.

Just before 14: 00 notified the fire department that the fire was extinguished. The fire department is now working with etterslukking, something they will keep on with throughout the day.

All nødetater is in place, and several stores are evacuated.

Photo: Nina Didriksen / NRK

There were four people who stayed in the warehouse when the fire broke out. One of them is sent to the hospital with burns on his hands, and to have breathed in smoke.

The evacuees themselves, ” says operasjonsleder in the Oslo police, Finn Belle.

Police urge residents in the vicinity to keep the windows of their closed.

There is reduced traction on some of the roads in the vicinity of the fire. “Trondheimsveien” is not affected by the fire.

It burns in the 2. floor of this warehouse for Jysk.

Photo: Nina Didriksen / NRK


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