Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Breivik case: Much of the game – VG

There was a large presisjenederlag for Norway to be convicted for having exposed Anders Behring Breivik for the inhuman and degrading treatment. Tuesday la regjerningsadvokaten force in the argument to get into your decision.

As Marius Emberland, one of several lawyers from the civil affairs office said in the court of appeal on Tuesday: much of the documentation that has been put forward in the case, Anders Behring Breivik have filed against the state, is the same as last year. The witnesses are mostly the same. The court has been on an inspection tour of the same places. Jusen is the same.

But the state is more at stake. In the last year, they had to defend themselves against the claim that they should have dealt in “inhuman and degrading treatment” of Anders Behring Breivik. It could initially seem like an absurd assertion, in a country which is internationally famous, almost notorious, for its humane treatment of prisoners.

In the years is Norway by the state, then, condemned at this point. The judgment of the district court states that you have violated massedrapsmannens human rights. It is not only proven less wrong or missing in soningsregimet, you have treated him in a way that is inhuman and degrading and in violation of the european convention on human rights.

There is a huge prestisjetap for any state, even those with a far more relaxed attitude to human rights than the Uk. And for Norway, it is devastating. So even if the argument, bevisførselen, vitneførselen, site visit and jusen are the same, the state has far more prestige invested this time.

It shows, amongst others by allowing the Attorney general personally, Fredrik Sejersted, who leads the case. He is in the power of his office, the country’s premier statsjurist in civil cases, and it should part before he shows up in court. It provides put a substantial pressure on the case. At the same time creates a greater head of water for the state.

the State by the Attorney general’s office has been more elaborate in his argument and more extensive in its presentation of evidence. And on Tuesday, he held a procedure with an intense conviction that there probably is quite a rare accident lawyers present.

– There is no other inmate in the whole of Norway as the state has spent so much resources on. It is also unquestionable that Breivik has better soningsforhold than the other, just to compensate for the strict measures.

The liberal constitutional state has the right to defend themselves, and that is what this trial is about. And counselors can be proud of the way you have handled this difficult matter.


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