Tuesday, January 17, 2017

14 cars in massekollisjon in Vestfold, speilglatte roads in Eastern norway – Aftenposten

It is now very smooth in many places in southern california and it is reported several traffic accidents.

More sites are hit by freezing rain, it will say that the rain freezes on the ground and creates speilglatte roads.

Police are now warning people about the conditions and asks motorists to be careful.

– Skøyteis on E18

the Police received a message about the accident in Vestfold just before at 14.30. The cars are over a stretch of 500 metres.

so far We have not received notice of injury, ” says operasjonsleder Merete Or to TV 2.

Also here it is very smooth at the accident site. Bergingsbiler and nødetater is on the way to the place.

It is skøyteis on E18 by Bringåkertunnelen in Holmestrand. We regard to nødetater on the road and other road users, encourage veitrafikksentralen, according to Tønsbergs Blad.

Car on the roof in the Follo

In the Follo, it should also have been a traffic accident in the Hill. There notify the police about several traffic accidents on the E6 from Korsegården and south.

They have not yet received the messages about the injury.

But police in several places warn of extremely slippery roads.

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