Tuesday, January 31, 2017

– Not appropriate to accept more – Daily


There have been pleas to the government to accept more kvoteflyktninger after that Donald Trump closed the border for people from the seven selected countries.

– After rekordtilstrømmingen with over 31.000 asylum seekers in 2015, we have more than enough to integrate those who have come to Norway already. Our country is in the world, to contribute both to the humanitarian assistance in the neighbouring areas and by to bring out the real refugees through the united nations. It is not applicable for the the progress party and the government to increase this quota. It is a very uncertain international situation, and we saw last time what happened when you sent out signals to accept far more refugees. It meant that we broke all records and got three times as many asylum seekers as in a normal year, says Listhaug in an e-mail to Dagsavisen.

yesterday on NRK opened Øyvind Halleraker (H), who is the deputy head of the foreign relations committee of Parliament, for that Norway should consider to accept more kvoteflyktninger.

But the Right tilbakeviste quickly this. In a press release, writes the Conservative parliamentary leader Trond Helleland that Right is by stortingsforliket about asylum and flyktningpolitikken.

– Right has no intention to change this settlement, ” he.

Neither the Ap is willing to accept more:

– I is enough initially worried that Europe should follow this up by saying that we stand ready if the united STATES does not take its obligations. I think in the worst case can reinforce his reluctance to accept refugees, says Anniken Huitfeldt to NRK.


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