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The Oslo police gave Eirik Jensen half a million crowns after the arrest – VG

After that, Eirik Jensen, was arrested and indicted for gross corruption, he was granted nok 500,000 from the Oslo police.

VG get lit that Eirik Jensen (59) believed he had worked so much with what has been described in court as a top-secret politiprosjekt, that he addressed a claim of an additional payout of a half million. This, he granted.

The former politilederen are now in the Oslo district court, accused of having received money from the narkobaronen Gjermund Cappelen (50).

the Trial shows how the Jensen in the last ten years have had access to a significant amount of cash. Jensen claims this is legal money.

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Spesialenheten for police matters has taken the booklet in Jensen’s property in the county of Hedmark, a savings account and future payments limited to 300,000 dollars from Kagge forlag.

Discontinued politiprosjekt

Spesialenheten’ve also included a booklet in a payout from the Oslo police district where the amount has so far been unknown.

the Booklet is about a half a million dollars that Eric Jensen shall have received paid out relating to a classified politiprosjekt.

the Project was formally closed down in consultation with Sverre Sjøvold in 2012, the same year as Sjøvold was chief of police in Oslo.

<p>LØNN: Chief Sverre Sjøviolence in the Oslo police district says Jensen payout is lønn.</p>

SALARY: Chief Sverre Sjøvold in Oslo police district says Jensen payout is salary.

Photo: Frode Hansen

the Project was not found good enough, something Jensen disagreed. He advocated, therefore, at a point in time before the arrest, a claim for remuneration for all work in connection with the project, the VG-lit.

After the arrest claim was met and Jensen were awarded a half a million dollars.

– This is the salary

the Hearing where Spesialenheten got under to take the heft in the payout took place in Oslo district court in the winter of 2015, VG-lit.

– Money relates to etterutbetaling of wages, is the only chief of police Sjøvold will be on in VG via its kommunikasjonsmedarbeidere.

the Superintendent will not answer School questions about how the payout was assessed against the korrupsjonssiktelsen, who granted the sum, and the basis on which the sum was granted.

Sjøvold would rather not answer if others have received a similar sum.

Tasks no one knew about the

In the courtroom 250 has the corruption and narkotikatiltalte politilederen told about his career in the Oslo police.

A key point in his initial explanation has been the top-secret politiprosjektet, as Jensen says has been going on from 1998 to 2011.

– I’ve had tasks that no one knows about. It is national very secret projects. It has worn both of me other. There are witnesses for me that go into this. Because of the project’s character and responsible for people 24/7, so I have lived a life that no one on politihuset have known about, ” said Jensen in his initial explanation.

He described how the project led to that he traveled a lot, had secret phones, used markup languages and had secret meeting places. He also explained that he was afraid kontraspaning.

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Secret of the Fire

the Project has been so secret, and also so tåkelagt in the court, that the judge in Jensen’s initial explanations, had to ask Spesialenheten about Jensen’s explanations were new to them.

They confirmed to the judge that the project existed.

Eirik Jensen’s defender, John Christian the Fire, says to VG that nor did he know of the full contents of the secret work of Eric Jensen.

<p>UNKNOWN: Nor defender John Christian Fire, is familiar with the contents of the secret proskjektet to Eirik Jensen.</p>

UNKNOWN: not defender John Christian Fire, is familiar with the contents of the secret proskjektet to Eirik Jensen.

Photo: Cornelius Poppe

“We have requested access, but not received it,” says Fire.

He confirms that the police have taken the booklet in a bonus payment from the Oslo police district,

I have no possibility to go into detail on the background for the payout when Spesialenheten enlightens to have a court order that hemmeligstempler all the information about this project, ” says Fire.

I have no other information than that it is a withdrawal from the Oslo police district which we were made familiar with. The prosecution has the opportunity to ensure a future inndragningskrav, and we saw that the conditions for a booklet at this amount of money was present, ” says the prosecutor Guro Glærum Kleppe in Spesialenheten.

senior management of norsk politi

In his explanation has Jensen said that he, through his secret project has worked for the top management of the Norwegian police.

the attorney general is the highest authority for the police and prosecution in Norway.

VG has asked the following question to the attorney general.

– What is the attorney general’s knowledge of the secret project that has been discussed in open court?

What is the attorney general’s knowledge of Eric Jensen’s work in this project?

– What is the attorney general’s knowledge to payout on a half a million dollars for the tasks in this project?

the attorney general responds via its kommunikasjonsansvarlige Mie Skarpaas, that they will not comment on a matter which is under legal processing. They refer to Spesialenheten.


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