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Requires more women – Last.en

It believes the Labour party.

– Equality is one of the most important questions in order to succeed with the integration. Where are the mosques who set the trends. They create attitudes. So the role of women in the mosques will mean a lot for the integration, ” says member of parliament Jan Bøhler (Ap) the Newspaper news agency (REC).

This week, he proposed from the pulpit in Parliament to deprive the denomination without women in the board of state aid. The background was an inventory from the newspaper Our Country from this autumn, which showed that there were only three women together in the control of Norwegian mosques. All three sat on the board of directors to the same mosque.

Un kvinnekonvensjon

Bøhler then got The utredningsseksjon to find out if it was allowed to link state aid to the women of the boards. The answer was that yes, it was not only law: the Uk also has a duty not to give state aid to private organizations that do not likebehandler women and men.

They say the state is obliged to ensure equal treatment of women in private organizations and private venues. And they say that the state has the obligation not to sponsor a practice that implies that men and women are treated differently, ” says Bøhler.

Culture Linda Hofstad Helleland said in Parliament that it would not be appropriate to deprive religious communities the state aid, and showed, among other things, to trosfriheten in Norway.

Jan Bøhler

Jan Bøhler (Photo: )

– This is not about banning a religion, or a mosque. It is about that state should use the state aid to influence the development in accordance with Norwegian law. It is not an infringement of trosfriheten, ” says Bøhler.

He emphasizes that he does not want to come up with an absolute percentage of women who should sit in the boards, and that this is something that must be phased in in the long term, in close cooperation with the mosques.

– Populist

Director and board of trustees in The mosaic religious community in Oslo and the deputy leader of the Antiracist center, Ervin Kohn, calling the proposal too populist.

– It is populism when to solve a problem that does not exist. I can only speak for our fellowship, and where we have had women in the board of directors, and has had a female chairman of the board for many years. So for us, it is not a problem in the way that it is a matter of course for us that we likebehandler the sexes, ” says Kohn.

He believes this also is not a problem for muslim communities.

– The first general secretary of the Islamic Council named Lena Larsen. It is fast to forget, ” says Kohn.

Against gender-quotas

conservative party thought the proposal is a bad idea.

– In Fp we are in principle against gender quota, although we have not discussed this specific matter. Now we’ll soon have a review of the funding of religious and spiritual communities, and I expect that there will come a part of input around this. But as of now we are against gender quota, and believes it should rather be other measures to get women and young people in the boards of the denomination, ” says kirkepolitisk spokesperson Bente Thorsen. (REC)


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