Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The mayor is going to get married – can become the country’s first ecclesiastical homobryllup – Romerikes Blad

In the course of the next week the at the Council be adopted or not be adopted if likekjønnede can marry in the church. If it is approved can Eidsvoll-mayor John-Erik Vika and roommate, Kjell-Jostein Andersson to become the country’s first same-sex couples who get married in the church.

the wedding Ceremony will, according to Eidsvoll Ullensaker Blad (behind betalingsmur), who first publicized the case, happen in Eidsvoll church the 18. February.

– I can confirm that we’re going to get married, but I think it’s stupid that this has come out now. The liturgy is not yet adopted, therefore we do not wish to comment on anything more about this before it is potentially adopted, ” says the mayor of the rb.no.

the Mayor says that there has never been a goal for him or fiance Andersson to be the first.

– A milestone

It is the bishop of Borg diocese, Atle Sommerfeldt, who shall devote the couple.

– This is a great and pleasant event, and it’s nice to be with to mark a milestone in the church’s inclusion of people, ” says the bishop to Romerikes Blad.

He takes anyway the proviso that it actually happens that the new liturgy is adopted, and that the implementation happens from the 1. February.

– But there is nothing that suggests that it should not be adopted, ” says Sommerfeldt.

– Natural to be with

To Eidsvoll Ullensaker Blad (EUB) tells the bishop that they have been waiting for such a liturgy.

– It is gratifying that it is now happening, and especially that it happens in symboltunge Eidsvoll church. It was there grunnlovsforsamlingen met and secured the basic precondition for inclusion. With this being gay fully included and integrated in the church, and it is, I’m very happy, ” says Sommerfeldt.

It belongs to sjeldenhetene that a bishop conducts the marriage, but Sommerfeldt is clear that this is one event he will be on to authorization.

– This was something I and the mayor Vika was talking about when I was on visitation in Eidsvoll. It has been a controversial case, and when the first likekjønnede the wedding ceremony in the diocese shall take place, I find it natural to be with, ” he says to the EUB.


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