Thursday, January 19, 2017

SV takes Lan-harassment to the Storting – the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen

socialist left Karin Andersen has in fact sent a written question to the ministry of children and equality minister Solveig Horne (Frp). The minister must answer if she finds partifellens Facebook-post hateful and racist.

Study Kristin Braatas in Nordre Aker Frp was of the party, asked to remove a post about dieselforbudet in Oslo, where Miljøpartiet De Grønnes Lan Berg called “fittetryne” and “vietnamesermegge”.

– If the government believes something with his offensive against hate speech must minister for gender equality state what is unacceptable. This is a racist hatytring, and I expect that she can be clear on that, ” says Andersen to NTB.

“Hate speech”

She says it is about to evolve a hard and unforgiving culture of debate in the Norwegian public debate and claim that the Three members are distinguished.

– It is unbelievable that union activists are losing your cool and going with the hate speech in such a case. There had never been talks about mentioning gender or ethnicity if byråden was a 50-year-old ethnic Norwegian man, ” says A representative. (NTB)


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