Monday, January 23, 2017

Fierce fight before the man (31) was killed in the Asker – VG

ASKER (VG) the Police suspect that the 31-year-old was killed after a violent scuffle with the two drapssiktede men.

the Apartment to the English-iraneren (31), in the middle of a quiet villa in Asker, showed clear traces of the fight began. The route to the front door was broken, and under the dørklinken there was obvious blood trails.

After the VG gets enlightened, to 31-year-old and the two men of 27 and 32 years have exchanged threats in the forefront of the fight began.

“You got some shit to say to me? I will see you soon & say that shit to my face & I will fuckin end you!”, he wrote on his own facebookvegg only a short time before the murder happened.

the Ulcer in the face

The two men should have come home to the 31-year-old on Sunday evening. There will after a short time have been a powerful argument which developed into a fight.

For the VG gets enlightened, to 31-year-old have turned one of the men in the face with a heavy manual from a vektsett.

VG encountered one of the drapssiktede men (27) outside the politihuset Monday afternoon, when he was on his way to report himself to the police. Then he had a great blåveis and wounds in the face.

The two men should have explained to the police that the one kept 31-year-old firm, while the other struck. The cause of death is not yet clear, but police await a preliminary obduksjonsrapport Tuesday.

I don’t want to say anything more about the injuries on the deceased, ” says Grete Metlid, who leads the section for violence and sedelighet in the Oslo police.

Reported to the police

Both of the two men even went to the police and signed up on Monday at 14.30-the time, and they were both interrogated on the same night.

My client has signed up for the police, and agreed to meet in the interrogation. He has not had the intention to cause the deceased serious harm, ” says the defender to the 32-year-old, a lawyer, Vidar Lind Iversen, to VG.

The other man’s defender, lawyer Øivind Sterri, do not want to comment on the case.


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