Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Excavation work led to the DAB-trouble – NRK

Fiberkabelbrudd led to problems with the DAB-the web in large parts of the country on Wednesday night, the Error is corrected and DAB-online is now back up, informs the press contact Ingrid Dietrichson in etsi specifications available.

the Status now is that all drives should be up and running again. He has worked frantically to get feilrettet, ” says Dietrichson to NRK.

– the Error was only small stations that are spread around the country, apart from in Oslo and Akershus. It is only five per cent of the population was affected, she says.

“Human betrayal”

National kommunikasjonsmyndighet (NKOM) said Wednesday evening that the error was located. The fracture was due to “human error related to excavation work”, informs the etsi specifications available in a press release.

I can confirm that there is a fiberbrudd in the Oslo area and one in the county of Oppland, norway. In each of the counties it goes beyond broadband and mobile, while there are problems with the DAB-net over the whole country, said deputy director Elisabeth Aarsæther in the National kommunikasjonsmyndighet to VG.

– Due to

First up in the so-called FM-slukkingen, where the national kanalenes FM broadcasts stopped and DAB-the web takes over.

It led to, among other things, that many called in to NRK, after that channels had to be moved from the riksblokka to regionblokka so that the people were going to have to search up the channels again.

etsi specifications available-director Torbjørn Ø. Teigen says the incident is highly regrettable and says the company will have a thorough review in order to try to prevent similar situations from occurring again.


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