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This is the Aps tax programme – skatteøking for all who earn over 600,000 dollars – VG

the Ap will increase the tax for income over 600,000 dollars, and even more for those who earn over a million. Together we Ap feed 15 billion more in taxes and fees in their programutkast.

Our promise to the voters that those who earn below 600.000 nok will get a little relief, or approximately unchanged tax. Up to a million there will be a slight increase, but only 50 to 100 dollars a month. For salaries over a million, there will be tax increases, and the defender we because it is they who have been the biggest lettelsene in this period, ” says Marianne Marthinsen to VG.

on Wednesday afternoon released finally Ap tax-the cat in front of the parliamentary election in the autumn, out of the bag.

– The sharpest profile is that the largest part will be taken by those with the strongest shoulders, ” says Marthinsen.

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Sharpens net wealth tax again

There will also be an intensification of the net wealth tax of about nok five billion, compared with the 2017 levels. The rate will be set up again to 1.2 per cent, but bunnfradraget will be roughly at the current level of 1.45 million.

With the other hand will Ap lowering corporate taxes further one percentage point, down to 23 per cent. At the same time, the so-called trinnskatten be adjusted to that lønnsmottagerne not receive the same lettelsene that the companies ‘ profits.

– There is a distinct shift in this with the increased rate of tax on net wealth, ” says Martinsen.

– In our scheme is also lower verdiansettelse, 80 per cent of the shares and assets. The government stopped at 90 per cent, she adds.

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Five billion in fees

the Fees will in the Aps program increase by about five billion.

– Three billion will be collected on climate-related taxes. But we will also look at how we introduce this in the most appropriate way, ” she says.

– to get the highest possible klimaeffekt, but we need to have some freedom. The biggest change comes on the one-time fee on the car. It should be more expensive to buy a car with high emissions, ” she says.

last autumn, notified the Ap that they would take back the relief on the annual fee as samarbeidspartiene provided from 2017.

They warned also the removal of the vat exemption on e-commerce, which in isolation amounts to close to a billion dollars in increased revenue for the state.

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Lower than in 2013

– the Government has cut 21 billion in taxes and fees since 2013. What cuts will you keep, when you will increase by 15 billion?

We have been agree with some of the cuts, and they must be maintained. Our guarantee is that the tax and avgiftsskjerpelsene to be 15 billion, and not more than that.

– Applies this warranty regardless of who the Ap, if any, to cooperate with the government, if you win the election this fall?

“That’s correct,” says Marthinsen to VG.

Allows the employee’s social security contribution lie

the Ap will not restore the employee’s social security contribution in the next stortingsperiode, according to the proposal, which shall be finally adopted at the party’s profile.

They also will not introduce any new tax on primærboligen. For those who own multiple homes, the valuation is already sharpened and have implications for the basis for the net wealth tax.

A: Incomprehensible that the Ap does not reverse all the tax cuts

socialist left fiscal spokesman Snorre Valen find it incomprehensible that the Labour party going into the election on retaining the six billion of skattekuttene from the Right and conservative party.

I don’t understand why they lie to the right of the Stoltenberg government in skattepolitikken. They should nullet out all the tax cuts the Right and the political Right has come up with, ” he says.

<p>DISAPPOINTED: socialist left fiscal spokesman Snorre Valen believes Ap should reverse all skattekuttene to the government and not just two-thirds.</p>

DISAPPOINTED: socialist left fiscal spokesman Snorre Valen believes Ap should reverse all skattekuttene to the government and not just two-thirds.

Photo: Vidar Ruud, NTB scanpix

With the Aps tax programme will, according to Valen be billions of dollars less to school children, the elderly and the way than the present coalition had at their disposal when they ruled.

– When the Labour party never dare to reverse or flip the skattekuttene to the right-hand side, we let the Right and the progress party win. Over time means that much less in income taxes and less redistribution, says the SV-politician.

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– this Gives A less desire to cooperate with the Ap government in the next period?

– the Desire to negotiate tough with the Ap are certainly larger. Here, there is a lot to grasp, respond Valen.

That Ap increases taxes for people with incomes of over a million and for those who have great fortunes, is not enough for the SV-politician. He points out that the Ap only collects half of the skattekuttet the bourgeois government has given to those who earn between one and two million.

Then they must be to think that only two-thirds of the government’s tax cuts are usosiale and unfair. Ap has been in the skattepolitikken long, but this scheme demonstrates well the difference between an Ap who governs alone and one that controls together with A, says Valen.

Right: do not Believe in warranty

the Conservative fiscal policy spokesman Svein Tick have little faith that Ap will stick with 15 billion in face higher taxes.

It goes well as it tends with the Labour party. We must brace fixed seatbelts and prepare for significantly higher taxes, he says to VG.

– They have previously presented the promises that suggests between 20 and 30 billion in face higher taxes. In their alternative budgets have the Ap taken into account how much the measures will cost in 2017, but I don’t think they have taken into account the cost in the years after that, says the Tick is to the VG on Wednesday afternoon.

Erna’s rich “uncles”: Gave 16 million. in gifts – get probably 230 million. in tax cuts

He says that the Right will continue with modest tax cuts and to look at tax at working capital:

I don’t think it comes any numbers from the Right. I think it is irresponsible to bind to a number so the Labour party does.

– it Is not honest to give the voters a number so they know what they have to relate to?

– It is more honest to tell the voters how you will add it up and how the effects are. If you ask voters about what they believe about 15 billion in face higher taxes, they will just stand there as some question marks, ” he says.


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