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When Aurora asked about the progress party’s election promises, said minister of Amundsen to … – Aftenposten

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Pravda mentions the fact that Tom Cato do not leak from the NTP as a: “E8-statements”. Then Pravda Ap free rein for criticism of the government, for it which obviously is a non-issue. This is journalism at the low point, Skjalg Fjellheim. Fake News in English. That Pravdas political editor do not have the ability to see it is just scary and sad.


So commented Norway’s minister of justice, Per-Willy Amundsen (progress party) late Saturday night on Facebook, on a post from partifelle Tom Cato Karlsen – who is the secretary of state in the Ministry of transport and communications, writes Medier24.

the Thread occurred in the wake of the general assembly in Troms conservative party, and the northern lights its coverage of the meeting. In the thread is also more prominent progress party politicians, among them minister of transport Ketil Solvik-Olsen.

transport minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen also participated in the debate. But the sharpest in the speech the minister of justice, Amundsen.

I think it is say the least remarkable that a minister finds it opportunt to compare the Aurora with Pravda, ” says editor-in-chief Helge Nitteberg.

Juicy valgløfte – will not comment on the

the Background for the criticism was that the progress party’s representatives believed the northern lights “created” a problem when they asked questions around a veiutbygging of E8, which is innfartsåren to Tromsø.

Before the election in 2013 came this as a clear promise from, among others, prime minister Erna Solberg, and the year after, and the day Solvik-Olsen even that the construction should be started before the next election – which is about just over seven months.

But then samferdselsdepartementets the said secretary of state Tom Cato Karlsen held a one-hour introduction on the Troms Frp’s annual meeting, was not the E8 project mentioned.

Something of the northern lights followed up with a question and an issue where Recordings could not love any longer.

From Facebook-the debate about the conservative party, the northern lights and “Pravda”. Picture: Facsimile

When the newspaper in a sequel lot Tromsø’s Ap-mayor Kristin Røymo get to speak with the criticism, cooked it is over for Karlsen – who shared the interview with the mayor and called the whole thing fake news.

Frp-ernes points was that the secretary of state could not say anything about a National transportation plan “not written”.

northern lights editor Helge Nitteberg commenting on the criticism as follows:

He represents a government that has promised to build a new innfartsvei to Tromsø. When their secretary of state, so coming to Tromsø, and it shall be placed before an imminent National transport plan, it is of course natural to ask whether the party stands by their promises.

– And so they are trying instead to turn away, and turning the rhetoric and criticism against the northern lights.

another point here is that the northern lights were very helpful when the current regjeringspartier would tell you about their pious promises of four years ago. Now we are a hair in the soup. It is astonishing how things turn, with respect to whether one has use for us or not, ” says Nitteberg.

Fear Trump-shift between the politicians and the media

Amundsen says that he is now considering to boycott the northern lights.

– We must consider whether we have taken to relate to the newspaper, he says to VG.

If the attorney general will boycott landsdelsavisa, believe Nitteberg it is very questionable:

– I think it is a pity for the potential voters in the state of minnesota. It is enough of a boycott which will have greater consequences for the progress party than for the northern lights, he says.

– And others in our industry should be thinking about her if we see a development where the minister of state goes to battle against the newspapers because he did not like journalism. This is a shift towards the same, we just have seen in the united STATES, where we have a president who is trying to devalue the media that does not support am, ” says Nitteberg.

Is this an attitude that, in particular, is characterized by the progress party?

We have the examples from earlier, where, for example, Carl I. Hagen, the long kaldte NRK for SHEETS. But about the conservative party today is worse than the other, should not I take the position of, say sjefredaktøren. And add:

The vast majority of progress party politicians I know, are very intelligent people – which I hope speaks his partifelle Amundsen to the sense.

Nitteberg acknowledge, however, that the northern lights on an early version of the interview with Tom Cato Karlsen had a misleading title, that quickly changed.

But to the allegations that the newspaper today is Pravda, the answer sjefredaktøren:

– Pravda was a part of a regime, a statskontrolloert propagandaapparat. I think it is a paradox that the Amundsen uses just the comparison, ” says Nitteberg.

Amundsen: A morsomhet

Amundsen says to VG that he over time has had challenges with the northern lights.

it has been So for a number of years, we have had major challenges with the newspaper. Had this been an individual event, I had perhaps not responded. But this has been going on over time, in any case, since I came into it in 2005. Time and time again we experience the skewed dissemination in matters relating to the progress party.

He reviews Prava-comparison as “a morsomhet”.

– To call the northern lights for Pravda I have done in many years, there has been a kind of morsomhet that’s all about it’s body for Labor. It was there also, and we would be the belief that the conditions would be better without the partibindingen, but it doesn’t look like this.

In the work with this case on Sunday afternoon Medier24 been in contact with the Ministry of pressevakt to get the minister of justice, Per-Willy Amundsen of the speech. The minister has so far not answered our inquiries.

We have also contacted the Line Miriam Sandberg, from the leader of the Troms Frp. She has not answered our inquiry.

Medier24 have also sent an inquiry to the Prime minister’s office for questions about what the government think about the characteristics.

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