Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fire at Carl Berner in Oslo Dagbladet.en

NØDETATER: A person is sent to hospital by ambulance after it started to burn in the building. Photo: Jacques Hvistendahl / Dagbladet Show more

(Dagbladet): It burns sharply from the roof of the warehouse to interiørbutikken Jysk on Carl Bernes plass in Oslo.

Oslo fire – and redningsetat is on-site with 13 cars, but have not yet control over the flames, informs the on-duty fire officer Knut Halvorsen to Dagbladet.

- We have sent out the great resources, and are working to get control of the fire, ” says Halvorsen.


the FIRE department ON SITE: It is burning in a commercial building – Jysk – at Carl Berners plass in Oslo Photo: Jacques Hvistendahl / Dagbladet Show more

Flames rise from the roof of the older, two storeys high næringsbygget, and the bust also powerful. Røykdykkere have taken into the building, and the fire department now uses the chainsaw to cut through the roof.

- This is a powerful fire, ” says Halvorsen.

A person is sent to hospital by ambulance, informs the police innsatsleder on site, Torgeir Brenden.

- the member is injured and håndert of health care professionals, ” says innsatslederen.

Dangerous smoke

He warns others in the area that the smoke coming from the building is dangerous.

- Smoke is harmful, and all who live in the vicinity need to close the windows and prevent the smoke from entering, ” says Brenden.

To Dagbladet says Brenden that it is too early to say anything about what is the cause of the fire.

brigade commander Tor Arne Elvrum points out that many of the furniture in the building that burns is of combustible material.

There are many sofas with foam here, which makes it burn well, ” says Elvrum to the Newspaper.

the Message about the fire came at 12 today. It should not be a danger that the fire will spread to the surrounding buildings, according to police.

the Review follows the case.

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