Sunday, January 29, 2017

Man broke his arm, and thighs in akeulykke in the ski centre – NRK

the Police received a message from the CONSERVATORY of the accident 2.25 night of Saturday to Sunday.

the Man lay on a slope in rugged terrain. Because of the fog, it was out of the question to take out to the place with the helicopter. The man was conscious and was bruised with open fracture of one thigh and fracture of the arm when the Red Cross got extracted him and transported him to the sykebil with a snowmobile.

He was taken to Norwich hospital for further assessment, and then rushed to Ullevål hospital in Oslo:

– Probably there have been several with and amused himself by tobogganing on one or the other down one of the slakkeste the trails, the Tourist. There are some steep hang that can give great speed, and in difficult terrain, on a hill next to the trail was this person with fractures at least an hour and a quarter of an hour, says operasjonsleder Erik Gunnerød in the South-East police district to the NTB.


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