Friday, January 20, 2017

Six out of ten elderly patients in institutions are malnourished – Daily

nearly 60 percent of elderly patients in institutions are malnourished, according to a new report commissioned by the Norwegian directorate of Health.

– Had the coalition parties said yes to the national strategy on improving nutrition for the elderly as we suggested in last year, we had come a distance on my way now, ” says member of parliament Tove Karoline Knutsen (Ap) the Newspaper news agency (REC).

National lift

Knutsen refers to a Labour proposal in the Norwegian Parliament about a national strategy for better diet and nutrition for the elderly in nursing homes or those who receive domestic work. It was voted down by the Right and the political Right as well as Left.

– It is needed a national boost with the concrete measures for better diet and nutrition for the elderly. We think this must be the next big bet in eldreomsorgen, points to the Ap-politician.

the Party proposes the following:

* To ensure that the knowledge on nutrition for the vulnerable groups in the health service gets more space in the helseprofesjonsutdanningene.

* A comprehensive national strategy with specific actions for the good diet and healthy nutrition in older people who receive services in nursing homes and hjemmetjeneste.

* Get a nutritional condition in elderly receiving municipal services and describe the specific measures to implement national policies against malnutrition in the elderly, within a defined timeframe.

– By the side of a competence boost for the nutrition, is also the knowledge of staff at all levels is important. Whether food is prepared on the sentralkjøkken, institusjonskjøkken or in the home, the totality from which the food is created to it is on the table is absolutely essential, believes Knutsen.

member of parliament Kari Kjønaas Kjos (Frp) says to the REC that the Ap proposal last year came at a time when the government was already in progress with the work for a national kostholdsplan.

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Forces competence

Kjønaas Kjos also points to the invitation from the government to the nation’s nursing home about a competition to raise the quality of institusjonsmaten. She has great faith in the call to defer you to add to the meal later in the afternoon.

– We are well underway to strengthen the competence on health in the municipalities, ” says Kjos, and refers to the primærhelsemeldingen.

– the Message stresses the need for a nutritionist in the municipalities. The local politicians need to ask themselves about the focus they have on nutrition and if they understand how important it is. (REC)


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