Friday, January 27, 2017

UDI put down 2100 asylmottaksplasser – VG

20 reception centres have received information from the Norwegian directorate of Immigration (UDI) that additional 2100 places in reception centres to disappear.

There is talk about the twelve ordinary reception with 1 840 place and eight reception for unaccompanied minors with 304 seats, writes UDI in a press release.

There will be fewer asylum seekers and when it is not economically viable to maintain the seats, according to the acting head of department, Borghild Fløtre in the Norwegian directorate of Immigration.

More lose their jobs

the Director could not ask for an interview Friday morning, but answered some written questions via e-mail.

What’s going to happen with the employees now?

– It is driftsoperatørene who have responsibility for employees:

– It is unfortunately so that when the tasks fall away, so must driftsoperatøren terminate the employees. It is a pity for all parties. Driftsoperatøren and we lose well-qualified workers, type Fløtre to VG.

Managing director Tor Brekke in the Hero Norway says to NRK that nedleggelsene frames together 50 of his employees at Hero-the reception. This applies to receiving, which is now closed in Stavanger, norway, Odda, Bodø, norway, Grong, and Kongsberg.

Read this from last year: 7000 asylmottaksplasser is laid down,

– Traumatic

Reception centres are spread all over Norway, except in Oslo and Akershus. Some have had contracts with the UDI over many years.

One of the reception centres which is laid down is Grong Mottakssenter in Nord-Trøndelag, which today has 115 residents and eight employees. The shelter has been in operation for 17 years. Mayor Skjalg Åkerøy (Ap) think it was a sad message to get.

It is clear that it will mean a lot economically for the turnover in the stores when purchasing power from the 120 people will be gone, but the consequences for the municipality are also great; not least for the municipal economy, for the school and barnehagesektoren, ” he says to Trønder-Newspaper.

Svein Erik Brenden, who is mottaksleder for Kongsberg state reception, also think it is a pity that the reception now to be added.

– of course This is very boring for all involved, both the municipality, which has put a lot of work, for the staff at the reception, but the worst of it is, of course, for asylum seekers who must move once again, ” says Brenden to Laagendalsposten.

Many people have lived in Kongsberg for a long time and feel good. This will be traumatic for many, ” says Brenden, to the newspaper.

According to the UDI, there are 150 places in reception centres in Kongsberg.

the Contracts runs out in a few months.

most of the reception has a three-month notice period, which runs out in april.

When these contracts run out, the UDI has the following number of spaces (rounded numbers):

Ordinary reception: 10 700 and 1 600 for unaccompanied minors

the transit center: 1 100 and 200 for unaccompanied minors (140 from 1. June)

Ankomstsenter: 1 000

According to the Agency, will the residents be either resident in a municipality or moved to the second reception.

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Uncertain forecasts

In the first three weeks of the year have been 280 asylum seekers to Norway. 116 of these are obtained from Greece and Italy because Norway participates in the Eu relokaliseringsordning. 1.500 asylum seekers to be transferred in the course of 2016-2017, writes NTB.

the Forecast for 2017 shows that there can be between 3 000 to 12 000 asylum seekers to Norway in 2017, according to UDI. Ankomstene can be even lower. In that case, will mottaksplassene be adjusted further, writes the Agency.

last fall notified the UDI about the closure of a total of 11 730 place. Most of these are now discontinued.


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