Monday, January 23, 2017

122 employees lose their jobs: – We knew nothing – Romerikes Blad

– We were called to an extraordinary meeting where we were told that everyone who works at the call center lose their jobs, ” says one of the employees who will not stand up with the name to Romerikes Blad.

The employee tells you that the news about samlokaliseringen was very surprising.

– We knew nothing about the fact that this could happen, so it was a pretty shocking news to get served.

in Particular, it is the time for samlokaliseringen the employees react to. Already from 1. march to the new centre gradually take over customer requests.

– That we get information a month before they move the call center I think is too bad. We get almost no time to find ourselves new jobs, we are only told that it is the end.

In Denmark will call centre, which also has responsibility for Lefdals customers, take customer enquiries from both Denmark and Norway, in addition to Sweden, where also the call centre is laid down.

END: Efficiency makes that the call center in Lørenskog being put down.

END: improving the Efficiency allows the call centre in Lørenskog being put down. (Photo: )

Offered a job in Denmark

After the RB get lit to the employees have been notified that they can get a job at the new call center then, they still will need a local customer service representatives.

– I do not understand that such a large company like this cannot afford to keep the call centre in the Uk. The last three months, there have been about 40 new employees, so it is clear that they have needs for several people. I think it’s quite cynical, tells the employee stated.

– it Is applicable for you to move to Copenhagen?

– No, it is certainly not applicable.

the Company shall also assist the employees who now lose their jobs into new jobs. For many it will mean a reordering internally in Elkjøp.

– We got all the rest of the day free with payment. It was probably not so many who were very motivated to work after having been given such news.

All employees are now in meetings with his manager, where it will be planned how the period up to the samlokaliseringen will elapse. Employees will also get paid extra bonuses for the RB to know.

director of Communications, Åse Indresøvde in Elkjøp confirms that 90 man-years and 122 employees will be affected by samlokaliseringen.

Communications director Åse Indresøvde in Elkjøp confirms that 90 man-years and 122 employees will be affected by samlokaliseringen. (Photo: )

Confirm shutdown

Communications director Åse Indresøvde in Elkjøp confirms that they move the call centre to Copenhagen.

– There is a total of 90 full-time employees are affected, ” she says.

the Decision to co-locate the call center with the Danish and the Swedish were taken to streamline operations.

– such A decision takes one is never easy, since it touches so many employees and we realize that this is sad for those involved.

20 million a year, it is estimated that Elkjøp will save on samlokaliseringen.

– We work in an industry with very tough competition and must therefore continuously consider measures to ensure that we are always competitive. This is part of a program to ensure a healthy and efficient operation. It may sound brutal, but it is the kind of reviews we need to do to ensure jobs in the long term and that we should be able to give our customers great deals and service also in the future.

From 1. march starts forflyttingen from Lørenskog to Copenhagen and 1. June will call center in Copenhagen to take over all customer inquiries.

– Comfortable with the danes and the swedes

According to Indresøvde have Elkjøp done research which shows that Norwegian customers are comfortable with to talk with both Swedish and Danish operators.

– We offer everyone who works at the call centre today to be with to Copenhagen, but we understand that it is not possible for most. Therefore, we will recruit norwegians who are resident in Denmark. If we don’t get enough Norwegian operators, implies the surveys we have done that it will work with both the swedes and the danes, ” she says.

Customers will like the previous call of the same number as before. The goal is that by to co-locate kundsentrene should be able to increase hours and reduce the response time at the same time as driftskostanden be reduced.

– We discussed this a few years ago, but then let us be on the grounds that it would affect so many employees. Now, however, have behavior and competition changed, and it is important to adapt.


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