Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ap believes Siv Jensen trikser with jobbtall – NRK

Siv Jensen pulled up the numbers when Marianne Marthinsen repeated the Aps message that it’s almost not created jobs in the private sector under the Solberg-government.

Even though Ap continues his negative review of developments in the Norwegian economy, I can now present the completely fresh figures from STATISTICS norway, which will be published later in the day, kontret the minister of finance.

the Numbers show a loss of approximately 50,000 jobs in the sector from 2013 to 2016. But in the same time, it created the 80,000 new jobs in the fastlandsnæringen. And only 20.000 of the new jobs has come in the public sector, continued Jensen.

NEW FIGURES: finance minister Siv Jensen (Frp) put forward the figures in the Parliamentary q & a on Wednesday.

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

– Creative

Marthinsen claims the number does not come from STATISTICS norway, but that the ministry of finance even has been considered along different numbers in order to come to such a result.

The minister of finance makes here, is exceptionally creative, ” says Marthinsen to NRK.

The two politicians agreed that the STATISTICS say that 50.000 jobs are gone in the oil industry. But Marthinsen believes the numbers about 80.000 new jobs, of which 60,000 in the private sector, coming from Jensen’s own calculator.

She adds 50.000, together with the statistics showing that jobbveksten in Norway was on approximately 30,000 people. So she draws the conclusion that it must have been created 80.000 jobs, and uses that as evidence that it goes better in the Norwegian economy, ” she explains.

When we look at the actual statistics, it shows a net decrease in the number of jobs in the last three quarters. It is disturbing, continues Marthinsen.

Siv Jensen rejects criticism

the finance minister responds that this is the ministry of finance berginger not her own, and to emphasize that “everything is STATISTICS norway-figures”.

– the Ap used to have the confidence to ministry of finance calculations. So this is sad, ” she says, and rejects the criticism.

Siv Jensen shows that the effect of oljenedgangen beat the hardest out in 2015-2016, but that they now see that there still has been created jobs in the course of regjeringsperioden your information.

– This is not triksing with numbers. I understand the Ap does not think it is ålright to get such figures, because it destroys the svartmalingshistorien their. I seem to enjoy a gentle recovery, ” says Jensen to NRK.

the Ministry of finance figures show that the total employment has gone down.

  • 2014: 33 000 more jobs
  • 2015: 8 000 jobs
  • 2016: 6 000 fewer jobs

the Ap believes this shows a decline, not “gently rise” to Siv Jensen’s claim.

– Creates jobs

MYTH: Nikolai Astrup believes Jonas Gahr Støre and the Labour party are spreading myths about the poor growth in the labour market.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

the Conservative parliamentary deputy Nikolai Astrup (H) says there are several signs that the Norwegian economy is in recovery.

It was set the record in 2015 in the number of newly started businesses. Much of it is caused by government policies, but of course not everything, ” says Astrup to NRK.

Now he is asking the Labour party to stop “creating myths” about the government’s arbeidsmarkedspolitikk.

– We have arranged for jobbvekst, including through a package of measures on 9 billion, through to bet on the to expand the Skattefunn scheme, which makes it now the research is more in business than ever before, and through skattepolitikken, ” says Astrup.


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