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Cappelen, associate Jensen to hasjinnførsler: – Jensen was Mr. “Good” – NRK

Gjermund Cappelen claims Eirik Jensen has been up against the 8.5 million to notify him about the detection and narkobeslag. After having told about his life as storimportør of marijuana in Oslo district court on Tuesday, went Cappelen details of the alleged collaboration with Eirik Jensen.

Cappelen and Jensen was known for an apprehension of the Cappelen in 1993. Cappelen claims they agreed to collaborate in the same year.

– Jensen and I agreed we could work together. He figured that I ran with the marijuana, and were not very wary of it. He realized that he had to use unorthodox methods to get to the bottom of things. It was a collaboration to protect this, rather than to clear it, ” says Cappelen.

He claims they agreed that Jensen should get the 500 kroner per kilogram of cannabis resin that was introduced. To return was to Jensen, according to Cappelen notify the monitoring, detection and fittings.

I and my network could daily be put under surveillance, and then I would get a notification about it. “Good weather” is not only linked to records, but also whether it is quiet around me. But in periods with import was attached to it, though it was quiet in the kingdom, told Cappelen.

the Radio krimkommentator Olav Manager and Reporter Scott Victoria Engen sums up the first day with cappelen in his explanation.

– “Mr. Good” was Jensen

Cappelen was asked about who was registered as “Mr. Good” on his phone, and believe there is no doubt that it was Eric Jensen. This denied Jensen in his explanation.

– He was a person that was good for me in all possible ways. He also helped with the hasjvirksomheten, and therefore I called him, said Cappelen.

Cappelen also claim that text messages that “workers go home” and “construction projects” is linked to the introductions of cannabis resin in December 2009.

According to the indictment shall Cappelen have introduced 400 kilos of hashish from the Netherlands in December this month.

When Jensen sent several messages about that “of the 100 participants there were only 90 who showed up” it means according to Cappelen that he received 10.000 nok for a little while after to have helped with the delivery in December. The money was according to Cappelen handed down by Vestbanehallen in Oslo 9. December 2009.

Jensen has on his page claimed that the SMS-one written in the markup language, and was about a narkotiksak where Cappelen was the informant.

Tingrettsdommer Heger would wonder how Jensen concrete helped Cappelen to get into the cannabis resin into the Uk.

I don’t know what he actually did, but it was my understanding that he helped. I guess he has his connections in the Oslo police, so he talks with them in the usual way. Happens something big, so rings the bells around in the system. He said it was quiet and calm, and that I could accept the cargoes, ” he says.

Prosecutor Lars Erik Alfheim and Eirik Jensen’s defender, John Christian the Fire.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

– Helped already 1993

In the indictment mean Spesialenheten that Jensen has received at least 2,1 million. Cappelen believes, on their side, that amount may be closer to 8.5 million. He claims that Jensen got the money handed over in cash during meetings, and that the money were bound in elastic band.

Prosecutor Lars Erik Alfheim told also Cappelen tell about the first entry in the indictment, this is not specified in more detail 100 kilograms of marijuana in 1993 or 1994. Jensen is not prosecuted for this, but Cappelen claims he already got the help of the policeman. Earlier Monday, Cappelen explained that he is already in 1993, put over the first amount of money in the account to the Jensen.

There was an entry after I and Eirik began to cooperate. It was a German car that came to Norway and met a friend of mine at Frognerseteren. It was about 100 kilograms from a contact in the Netherlands.

How was the collaboration with Eric Jensen? asked Alfheim.

He checked to see if it was something that happened around me in the period. It was completely in the initial phase, but it was there, as was his task.

Jensen has also explained about an event that goes under the name of Hotel Bastion from 1998, where a Swedish courier was stopped at Svinesund. The load was going to a recipient on the Hotel Bastion in Oslo.

Where do I get the notification that the person is taken. From Eirik Jensen. Then he has been at work and overheard that it has been taken a cargo, ” says Cappelen.

Two records from the indictment

Jensen has explained that it was impossible for him to gain insight into what actions customs planned, and the prosecutor Alfheim asked Cappelen whether he remembered or guessed.

– This I remember. What happens is that I get a message that the cargo is gone. I don’t remember how we met, but he says that he is taken and that no one showed up. Then he told a little bit about the interrogation of this person, ” said Cappelen.

According to the indictment, there was introduced 400 kilos of hashish from the Netherlands in april 2010, and 300 kilograms in may. At the time, traveled Cappelen back and forth to Thailand and the Netherlands.

Alfheim, put forward a series of text messages where Jensen writes “News?” while Cappelen is in Thailand.

Here we are waiting for a transport from the Netherlands, all together, ” says Cappelen, who believes the contact was linked to the arrival of 400 pounds in the spring of 2010 and “Mr. Good-phone”.

VIDEO: Gjermund Cappelen explains how the cannabis resin came to Norway.

Contact in the Netherlands knew about Jensen

According to Cappelen he also got information if someone were to take mottakerapparatet. This could, for example, be appropriate if Customs tried to make a so-called “controlled importation”, in cooperation with the police.

According to Cappelen provided Jensen for that buyers and the ringleaders were not captured, only the driver.

Here comes Eric into the picture, if he knows that it is planned a seizure, then there is no one who meets the trailer, ” he says.

Cappelen also claims that his contacts in the foreign countries knew about the alleged cooperation with the Jensen.

– Yes, in any case, one of them. They thought it was a good security measure. Down on the continent, there are close relationships between the police and criminals. To help each other, and he in the Netherlands was not a bit surprised about it, ” he says.

Cappelen has explained himself about the details of their own business, but refuses to give the name to their own suppliers.

– Leverandørleddet is problematic. It is associated with very great risks for me if I start to explain. It is not the people he kødder with, and it would just about be suicide to talk about it, ” he says.

Benedict de Vibe about Gjermund cappelen in his explanation.

Fire: – Pure storytelling

Eirik Jensen’s defender John Christian Fire call it Gjermund Cappelen has told in court Monday was “a waiting” explanation.

He was a horrible little concrete. It seems that he was more concerned to check with the indictment about what he has told voices, than to explain what has actually happened, ” says the Fire.

He also believes it is striking that Cappelen told him, that he they sought meetings with the police began to negotiate as low a punishment as possible.

– We noted that he will have a low penalty and that he might want to get rid of the penalty in its entirety, and that it has been motivating for him. What are the other things that have motivated, we need to come back to.

Jensen himself was clearly not happy, shaking her head and rolling her several times with my eyes during cappelen in his explanation.

How has it been for Jensen to hear this?

Jensen perceive this as pure storytelling.

Gjermund Cappelen continues his explanation on Tuesday. The prosecutor Alfheim should then continue to ask questions to narkotikasmugleren.

the Trial of Eirik Jensen

Gjermund Cappelen started his explanation on Tuesday morning. Cappelen claims Eirik Jensen has received 8,5 million. kr to notify…

– Jensen was “Mr. Good”


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