Friday, January 20, 2017

Lacking båtførar deliver herself in the country – NRK

We have decided to arrest the man, says Terje Magnussen, operasjonsleiar in the West standings.

It has in the night and morgontimane been a great search for a båtførar in 30-years without the Radøy in Hordaland. The police have now taken samples of the man, and suspects him to have been strongly ran to the sea.

Sent to the hospital

It was in totida in the night the police had naudmeldinga from the west side of Radøy. Then send båtføraren text message to soon after its that the boat was out of fuel, and he was to report missed.

Seven hours later, around at 09.00, was the man rescued by a Sea King rescue helicopter from a cut. And had the boat drift towards the shore, and he had himself taken in a country on the cutting edge.

He is cool and is taken by helicopter from the place. He is climbing even in the land after having been in contact with the redningsmannskapa. The boat was beating against the land, says operasjonsleiar Terje Magnussen in the West standings.

the Man should have been cold, but in good form when he came in safety. He is now sent to Haraldsplass diakonale hospital.

MAJOR ACTION: ! MS Stormbull looking in the area in 07.30-time.

Photo: Even Norheim Johansen / NRK

Send text message

the Police worked lenga get in touch with the man on the phone, without success.

Since we’ve tried to get a hold of him, but we don’t get contact on phone, said operasjonsleiar Lars Geitle in the West standings Friday morning.

In morgontimane just before the clock until 08: 00 was the boat observed driving towards the land.

Firefighters, police and rescue boat “Stormbull” from Hovudredningssentralen participated in the rescue operation.

Search for mobilsignalet gave redningsleiar and police reason to believe that the man was in the area between the Hjeltefjorden and Bøvågen.

MAJOR ACTION: Naudmeldinga came to the police in 2 time in the night. All naudetatane reputation out of Radøy.

Photo: Even Norheim Johansen / NRK

A politipatrulje went also to the house of the man to check if he has come home in the meantime.

the us on Wednesday morning sought with lyskastar and varmesøkjande camera, but because of the rain and fog, was it ” reduced.

Redningsleiar Kjetil Garden in Hovudredningssentralen this at 7 in the situation unclear.

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SEARCH: Hovudredningssentralen participate with redningsskøyte in the search for the man. According to mobilsignala shall a man be in this area.


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