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Fierce fire in three buildings in Lillehammer – a charged for ildpåsettelse – VG

The grade ii listed townhouse in Lillehammer burned all the way down Sunday. Sunday night was a person who was in the building, charged with ildpåsettelsen.

– Out from vitneavhørene and the current investigation have påtaleansvarlig Eystein Society and charged a person for having caused the fire, tells politioverbetjent Øyvind Bjerke by the Inland police, department the Absence to the VG.

Seventeen people were evacuated in the middle of the night and several people have been questioned in the day.

The charged persons were in the building, and was one of the evacuees, ” says Bjerke,

They are manufactured varetektsfengsling Monday.

It was the heritage-listed wooden structure Storgata 81 that burned all the way down to the ground in the course of Sunday. It is a three storey building, with klesforretning in the first floor and student housing on the second floor.

In a press release, write the police Sunday that the fire is believed to have occurred in 2. floor.


Long as there was danger that the fire would spread to the house next door it hangs together with, but the fire department’s intense efforts to separate the two houses, seems to succeed. Beyond Sunday worked the fire department still with etterslukningsarbeid.

The fierce fire in the Lillehammer city centre broke out at 4-time the night of Sunday.

the Clock until 08: 00 Sunday enlightened the police that there was hope to save two of the adjoining buildings from burning down completely.

– But it will be a part burns of these buildings, told operasjonsleder Atle B. von Obstfelder in the Inland police to VG.

Carried out

Early on Sunday, it was not clear what caused the fire. The buildings located at the intersection of main street and Elvegata in Lillehammer:

– We work with you to get verified this, but it should be to talk about the buildings with only shops, said Obstfelder to the VG then.

<p>OUT OF CONTROL: the Fire department has major problems in Lillehammer, norway.</p>

OUT OF CONTROL: the Fire department has major problems in Lillehammer.

Photo: Geir Olsen, NTB scanpix

the Fire started in an apartment where a group of friends of four people, most of them students, are resident.

Are you near? Do you have pictures or video? Contact VG on tel. 22000000 or email

A woman in 20 years was carried out and taken to the emergency room with an ambulance, informs the Obstfelder. Just before the clock 6.30 enlightened the police that the fire department no longer feared the spread to a fourth building.

pedestrian Street is laid up so that there is betongskiller in parts of the town houses.

All nødedatene jerked out of place, and the fire department of Lillehammer received assistance from the neighboring municipality of Islands. A total of five fire engines involved in the work.

. (64) rescued out with the ladder

<p>SAVED: Åge Pedersen (64) were saved down from the second floor in the rise.</p>

SAVED from: Åge Pedersen (64) were saved down from the second floor of the rise.

Photo: Geir Olsen, NTB scanpix

Enkemannen Åge Pedersen (64) is next door to the students in the apartment where it caught fire. After having fallen asleep on the couch late Saturday night, he woke to the buzzing fire alarms in the middle of the night.

– the Fire brigade were very quickly on the spot and rescued me down with a ladder. I am very grateful for the work they do here now, ” says Pedersen VG.

Pedersen tells that he didn’t get to take anything in particular out of the apartment – not their phone. Now doubt he that he gets to see the assets their again.

the Building burns enough down, but the most important is no matter that it goes well with all of them, ” he says.

All of the evacuees have been offered to stay at the hotel in the night, according to Pedersen.

<p>RETAILERÆRER HOLES: From stigebilen retailerærer the fire department a hole in the roof.</p>

CUT HOLE: From stigebilen cuts to the fire department a hole in the roof.

Photo: Geir Olsen, NTB scanpix


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