Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Oslo-bishop goes off due to illness – NRK

Bishop Ole Christian Kvarme has incurred an eye disease, and have therefore decided to quit his job. The bishop will have his last working day 30. september.

Kvarme was bishop in Oslo in march 2005. Before that he was bishop in Borg, with the bishopric in Fredrikstad.

Controversial bishop

When Kvarme assumed the role of bishop after Gunnar Stålsett he was highly disputed.

the Reason was that Kvarme supported a decision that the priests who lived in a homosexual marriage should not be contracted in the church.

Many thought the conservative overkjørte church popular majority.

One of the things I want to do, is to build relationships also to these employees. I want to be a bishop for all, ” said Kvarme of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation after he became bishop.

BISHOP: Ole Christian Kvarme under King Harald’s 70th birthday in the Trefoldighetskirken in Oslo in 2007.

Photo: Larsen, Haakon Mosvold / SCANPIX

Wary of homoekteskap

Nevertheless he has been very controversial among gays. They have felt that the bishop Kvarme, with its conservative theology, have turned them back. He was also an opponent of homosexual men get married in the church.

But, in October 2015 voted Kvarme still yes, that the church can consecrate same-sex couples. It was a compromise within the bispemøtet where the bishops agreed that both views were legitimate in the church.

– In this situation, it was important to contribute to the unity of our Church, ” said Kvarme to the NTB at the time.

Kvarme has previously stated that he is very skeptical that the Church should have two liturgier, and not just one.

the Question is how we can live with this controversy. It will be very demanding, ” said Kvarme.

Next week starts the Council in Trondheim, where the new vigselsliturgien to be adopted. There is one liturgy that can be used for both heterosexual and homosexual. It is uncertain whether the bishop Kvarme will support this new liturgy.

Want liberal successor


Photo: Marte Christensen / NTB scanpix

Kvarmes parting will trigger a landslide of initiatives to find his successor.

an Open national church, which has the majority both in bispedømmerådet and in the Consistory, in Oslo require a liberal bishop, the successor Kvarme. Among the hottest candidates are professor Sturla Stålsett, son of the previous oslobispen Gunnar Stålsett.

Stålsett is a radical theologian with close connections to the Latin american frigjøringsteologien. Until last year, he was the head of the Open national church.


Photo: Thomas Sommerset / NRK

another candidate is Olav Fykse Tveit. He is the general secretary of the Town Center and is known as a very accomplished theologian.

Both have doctorates to show for, something bispekollegiet in Norway today are missing.


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