Friday, January 27, 2017

Målselv asylum is laid down: – We are in shock – NRK

We employees are both desperate and frustrated that the UDI put in Målselv reception. Even though we knew that it came from fewer asylum seekers to the country, we thought not Målselv receipt should break now, ” says the manager of the reception, Sami Hajzeri to NRK. As of now, there are 123 residents at the shelter in Mid-Troms, and six people will lose their jobs when the reception discontinuation.

Sami Hajzeri is the manager of Troms state reception centres.

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the Norwegian directorate of Immigration (UDI), regional office North lay-down six receptions, with a total of 590 seats. Troms, Nesna and Bodø is the ordinary reception, while Tverlandet, Evenskjer and Leines is the reception of unaccompanied minors.

In the entire country add the UDI now down a total of 20 reception, with 2 100 place.

Fewer asylum seekers to Norway

Bear Fridfeldt, director of the UDI, the region north roses municipalities, receiving, and driftsoperatører for the job they have done. He justifies nedleggelsene of the receipt with the changed flyktningtilstrømming.

It comes with far fewer asylum seekers now. It is always a pity for the employees who lose their jobs, and residents who need to move to reception in other places. But residents will have plenty of time to readjust themselves before they move to the new receiving, or being resident in a municipality within 30. april, says Fridfelt.

Select the cheapest reception

Bear Fridfeldt is the regional director in the Norwegian directorate of Immigration (UDI), Regional office North.

Photo: Nora Lie, UDI

the UDI can not defend the economic to sit with many seats available, ” says Fridfelt. He says they have chosen to maintain the reception centres which are the cheapest to operate.

the Leader of the Troms reception mean you can’t just think about the economy when you select the receipt that shall stand.

We are a kvalitetsmottak, which has worked very well since 2008. Both we and Målselv municipality, the board also up their sleeves and assisted the UDI under flyktningkrisen last year to handle the 460 place, ” says Hajzeri.

Thursday was the staff at the reception in the Troms oriented that they lose their jobs.

– Now we’ll have to meet in the operation, which consists of residents and staff. Then we will visit each house and talk with the individual resident. We then begin gradually to liquidate the whole operation, ” says mottakslederen.

1. may will Region the North be left with 12 ordinary reception, with a total of 2056 place, and 14 reception for unaccompanied minors, with 577 seats. But the forecast for 2017 and the actual arrivals could be even lower.

– No receipt is protected, and the UDI have to regularly adjust the capacity forward, ” says Fridfelt.


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