Friday, January 27, 2017

UDI put down a further 20 asylum – NRK

Reception centres located all over Norway, but no reception in Oslo and Akershus is laid down.

There will be down twelve ordinary receptions and eight reception for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers.

– It is always sad to put down the receipt when one thinks of the employees, the residents who have to move and communities that have linked strong ties to the reception. But it is not economically viable to have many empty seats when it now comes with far fewer asylum seekers, says the acting head of department, Borghild Fløtre in the Norwegian directorate of Immigration.

people in the north and the west

Bear Fridfeldt

Photo: Nora Lie, UDI

It is in the north and in the west, that the most asylmottaksplasser now away.

In North-Norway disappears three ordinary receipt, in Troms, Nesna and Bodø, with a total of 470 seats. In addition, the rods in the reception centre for unaccompanied minors in Leirfjord, Bodø and Skånland, with 40 seats each.

– That the employees lose their jobs is the slightly boring side of the case. When it comes to the residents, so they will get quite a good time to readjust itself to move to the new reception. We will use the period up to the closure 30. april to prepare for the move to the new reception, ” says Bjørn Fridfeldt, director of the UDI region to the north, to the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

– It comes fewer, and settlement is quick

On the west coast closes the UDI asylum reception centre in Stavanger, Voss and Odda, with a total of 530 seats. In addition, the reception centre for unaccompanied minors in Hyllestad, with 40 seats, laid down.

Sissel Mehammer

Photo: Alrik Velsvik

– There is simply less need for places in reception centres than what we’ve had so far. It’s going to get asylum seekers to the country, and settlement in the municipalities goes relatively quickly, ” says Sissel Mehammer, assistant regional director of UDI, the western region, to the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

In Mid-Norway add the UDI to the annual reception in the Grong with 150 seats, and the reception centre for unaccompanied minors in Ulstein and Norway, with respectively 30 and 34 seats.

Mottaksplassene for unaccompanied minors in Norway was created in 2015.

– It is a pity that the seats are laid down, but so is it in this industry. They can’t leave the receipt blank. We need to downsize, but we don’t know how many that need to go, ” says mottaksleder Tore Vaagen.

LAID DOWN: Asylmottaket in Odda, with 180 places.

Photo: Hero’s reception AS

Six closures in the Inner East and South

In the Inner East they disappear ordinary reception centres in Kongsberg (150 seats) and the Eel (130 seats), and the reception centre for unaccompanied minors in Ringsaker with 40 seats.

In the South, closed to the ordinary reception centres in Birkenes and Portland, both with 130 seats, and the reception in Farsund, norway for unaccompanied minors, with 40 seats, according to The overview.

most of the reception has a three-month notice period. In good time before this will the residents either become a resident in a municipality or moved to the second reception, according to AUTHORITIES.

Over half of the residents are gone

At the end of January in the year lived almost 29.000 residents in reception centres in Norway. In January of this year, the figure is around 13.000.

two months ago came the news that around 1000 Norwegian places in reception centres disappeared. If the decline in the number of asylum seekers to Norway continues, will the UDI nedjustere mottakskapasiteten further throughout the year.

We follow carefully on how the demand develops, how high the ankomstene is, and will continually see if there is a need for the number of places in reception centres we have today. So we will go to the additional termination of contracts if the demand goes further down, says Mehammer.

the Udi’s forecast of how many asylum seekers who are waiting for Norway are extremely uncertain. The current forecast was published in October, the police informed that it was expected between 3.000 and 12.000 asylum seekers to Norway in 2017.

In the first three weeks of the year have been 280 asylum seekers to Norway. 116 of these are obtained from Greece and Italy because Norway participates in the Eu relokaliseringsordning. 1.500 asylum seekers to be transferred in the course of 2016-2017.


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