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Cappelen to Jensen: “You are unique!!!” – VG

the OSLO district COURT (VG) As narkosmugleren Gjermund Cappelen was taken with heroin, fyllekjørte and the finer slate, sto officer, Eirik Jensen ready.

Gjermund Cappelen saved the korrupsjonstiltalte officer, Eirik Jensen, “Mr. Good” on their phones, according to the prosecutor.

he regarded him as helpful, there is little doubt. In a epostutveksling the court did not see in the day, Cappelen full of thanksgiving to his kildefører.

“You are unique!!!” Wrote Cappelen to Jensen. Dopsmugleren promised penance and improvement. He was caught with heroin in the Maldives and asked Jensen for help.

Emails showed that he didn’t have to ask twice.

Jensen on the hand

Such help gave Jensen several times. When Cappelen would begin bilselgerskolen, Jensen took a telephone to a politijurist to get removed a smaller narkosak from rullebladet.

Jensen was helpful also when Cappelen was taken for drunk driving in Copenhagen.

According to Jensen, it was his social involvement that turned out. He just wanted to help. It was the fellow human being he was.

Think Jensen was individuals

the Prosecutor Kristine Schilling, however, will convince the court that the all too close relationship ended in serious crime.

Her claim is that it was Jensen who gave Cappelen information, and not vice versa. A variety of sms is between Jensen and Cappelen to prove it. But here is the markup language the two used are still effective. For what is the meaning of the words “snow”, “motorras” and “washing”? Perhaps there was just a lot of snow, Jensen claimed.

The court is left with is an impression that Jensen broke the police’s own informantregelverk. And that Cappelen seems to have been a lousy source beyond in the 2000s.

Difficult conditions

But it is not necessarily criminal. At the very least, it is well known that such problems occur in the relationship between the informant and the police.

Police know that kildearbeid means to overlook the crime. They also know that informants are manipulating. The danger of corruption is also large in such trade, shows doktorgradsavhandlingen to the former informantbehandler Anders Rasch-Olsen.

But without the users they would not have been stopped and cleared up a serious crime. The question is who is going to evaluate the limits. What kind of crime is it okay to ignore?

In the well-known tystersaken revealed to VG that police informant dodged the rough crime. The police helped him time and time again. Victims of crime received a letter where the total was wrongly alleged that the culprit was caught and convicted. But individuals were on the loose, ready for new brekk.

Also in connection with the Jensen case, the VG has interviewed other police officers that tell you that they’ve looked away when the users are committed (small) crime.

A part of a politikultur

This is not unique to Jensen. He has been a part of a politikultur. And what will Jensen’s defenders will probably try to show when they start their questioning on Wednesday.

For even if Jensen slid out a few times, they will claim he did it for a good cause, he would get information to stop more serious drugs than marijuana.

the Prosecution, however, believes it slid totally out, and that Jensen began as individuals to Cappelen to make money.

Notoriously little notoriety

Probably will informantarbeid take place in gråsoner, no matter how good rules, police stock.

But just because the work happens in the borderland, it is so important that things are documented, that the two police officers encounter individuals together and that the chiefs be actively involved. Not the least of respect to the informantbehandlere even, to avoid suspicion.

But regelryttere, bosses without vigor or understanding of life on the street, are the types of Eirik Jensen again and again said he does not like.

About his version of the story voices, he could have had good use for a couple of them now.


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