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Ask Listhaug consider to accept more refugees – Daily


the Call from the KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide and Left-leader Trine Skei Grande comes after the Conservative foreign policy spokesperson, Øyvind Halleraker, opened for that Norway should accept more refugees as a result of the Trumps travel restrictions for persons from seven muslim countries.

– There can be many countries which should accept these refugees, and Norway is one of them. We need to look at what opportunities we have in the Uk to accept more kvoteflyktninger as a result of the new situation in the united STATES, said Halleraker (H) to the NRK on Monday.

Shortly after sent the Conservative parliamentary leader Trond Helleland out a press release where he stressed that the Right stands at the stortingsforliket about asylum and flyktningpolitikken and that the party does not have plans to change it.

this measure was also refuted by the innvandringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp), which gave a clear message that it is not relevant for Norway to accept more refugees.

Hareide and Grande does, however, provide its full support to the Halleraker, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

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Refers to the asylforliket

Sector leader points out that Listhaug through asylforliket is committed to assess how many kvoteflyktninger for Norway to say yes to.

– I think Halleraker black well. We have an agreement about 8.000 in the period. We agree to consider it’s towards the end of the period. Listhaug is obligated to consider the number of kvoteflyktninger through the agreement we have. There is no way to believe that we are unaffected by other country’s events. But when we open the discussion, we should do it with other countries and commit more to do as Norway has done, ” says Hareide to the DN.

Grande also refers to the asylforliket from 2014.

– Norway is among the five countries which receives the most kvoteflyktninger. It is awesome. It is an agreement the Right not to, but as Sylvi Listhaug be so good just need to implement, ” says Grande.

She believes the war in Syria gives Norway a reason to accept more refugees, while Hareide refers to the low ankomsttallene in the last year compared with previous years.

– If we can increase the number and few more countries in Europe to do the same, it will be good. Listhaug need to see that there were a large number who applied here in 2015, a low number in 2016 and even lower in the year. It means that we have a capacity to accept more than what we thought when we entered into the agreement. The UDI has pointed out that we should accept more kvoteflyktninger. This is also kvoteflyktninger we can’t help where they are, like christians with the cross, journalists and gays, says Hareide to the same source.

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Not applicable

Norway has more than enough to integrate the refugees who came in 2015, believes Listhaug.

– After rekordtilstrømmingen with over 31.000 asylum seekers in 2015, we have more than enough to integrate those who have come to Norway already. Our country is in the world, to contribute both to the humanitarian assistance in the neighbouring areas and by to bring out the real refugees through the united nations. It is not applicable for the the progress party and the government to increase this quota, ” says innvandringsministeren to the NTB.

– Norway is taking a huge responsibility by accepting the kvoteflyktninger through the Un office of the high commissioner and in relation to population, Norway is one of the countries that receives the most, she points out.

Nor does the Labour party want to increase the number of kvoteflyktninger.

– I is enough initially worried that Europe should follow this up by saying that we stand ready if the united STATES does not take its obligations. I think in the worst case can reinforce the Trumps resistance to accepting refugees, ” she says to NTB.

Norway takes the time against 3.120 kvoteflyktninger annually through the UN system – in addition to asylum seekers who come by themselves. The storting has also decided that Norway, in the course of the last year, and this year will receive 1.500 asylum seekers found in Italy and Greece as a voluntary contribution to the Eu relokaliseringsprogram.

Friday signed Donald Trump is a order where all the refugees are denied admission to the united STATES for 120 days, and syrian refugees are locked out indefinitely. He also introduced a general travel restrictions in the 90 days for people from seven muslim countries.

at the same time beating Trump stated that 50.000 refugees will be let into the united STATES during the current budsjettår. Under Barack Obama, was the limit 110.000 annually.


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