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Here are the whale is killed – new york times

the Whale ran aground three times on Sotra. Now it is killed.

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the Whale had to remedy with the life after having run aground three times at the palace of winds in the Mountains Saturday afternoon.

Avlivingen took place after repeated attempts to rescue the whale out to deeper waters.

the Whale was obviously sick. It had abnormal behaviour and was exhausted after having been on the land several times, ” says Eivind Sangolt.

To bottom

He got the job to shoot the whale, after the police had engaged viltnemnden in the Mountains, Sund and Øygarden. Sangolt is a member of the so-called ettersøksringen in the three municipalities, and they do quests for viltnemnden.

It was the first time Sangolt had to go out on a mission to kill the whale.

– What happens with hvalkadaveret now?

– Now we need to rig us out with the stone so that we have lowered the whale down in the depths out in the fjord. It is demanding enough. The whale is full of blubber and it needed a good deal of stone to get it to the bottom, ” says Sangolt.

He says the whale is five-six metres long, and that it probably is about a pilot whale.


the Whale ran aground three times on Saturday afternoon.

– Now comes the certainly me into the creek again, said team leader Ronnie Gilborne in Sotra fire protection around the clock 17.

While Gilborne spoke with BT, went whale on the reason for the third and therefore very last time a little before the clock 17.

Collided in the boathouse

the Whale was first salvaged from an inlet in the vicinity of the CCB-base at Ågotnes. Then came one of the fire crew in the water. He turned around the whale and pulled it out in deep water again.

But it didn’t take many minutes before the whale again turned the muzzle towards the land.

Then slammed it right into the naustveggen in a cove closer to the palace of winds.

Then he lay completely inside the spring, but the owner of the boathouse managed to get the whale out to deeper water again, ” says Gilborne.


the Fire department was again in the bay in case the whale strayed back for the third time.

And it did it in the same moment as BT called up the team leader Gilborne.

– Then it is påan again, said Gilborne, before he and colleagues had in action.

the Police were also notified, and a little later came the so Eivind Sangolt to the site on behalf of the viltnemnden.

the Assessment was that the whale was sick and thus had to be euthanized.

Before it was shot, had team leader Gilborne registered that it was something gory, probably after the collision with the boathouse.

When we got it out of the depths the first time, listed the quiet in the interaction with the crews, he says.


110-dispatcher notified the first time about a whale in trouble a little after the clock 15.

We received a message a little after the clock 15 that the whale was landed on the ground and not come out in open waters again, said vaktkommandør Jan Ove Haga at 110 centre in the county of Hordaland.


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