Thursday, January 19, 2017

The 20,000 foreigners receive the Norwegian social security without ever having been registered … – Daily

It constitutes a yearly total of approximately one billion. It shows the STATISTICS norway report, “Recipients of Welfare benefits in abroad 2015″, which was published this week.

74.500 persons resident abroad receive in the day the Norwegian national insurance totalling nok 6.8 billion. The vast majority of these are retirement pensioners.

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Never resident in Norway

The foreigners who live and work in Norway are entitled to a Norwegian social security benefits, is no secret. But of these, 70.000, there are 20,000 that never has been registered as resident in Norway.

– There can be multiple reasons that a person receives benefits from Nav without having to have been resident in the Uk. Some examples may be workers on a short-term basis, grensependlere or offshoreansatte on Norwegian platforms or ships. These working or have worked in Norway and built up rights to a given performance, but has never had permanent residence in the country, explains the SSB-researcher Anne Berit Dalgard who stands behind the report, to the Newspaper news agency (REC).

For this group is the pension that accounts for the largest amount of 313 million. Then we find the child benefit, sick pay, and unemployment benefits. To together receive these 20.000 people about one billion in the Norwegian social security benefits.

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the Most to Sweden

The two largest groups who receive the Norwegian social security schemes in foreign countries are, however, not those that have never lived here. There are immigrants who have moved out (35 per cent) and norwegians without an immigrant background who have settled abroad (35 per cent).

The social security system that dominates for people resident outside the Uk are old age pension, which in total account for the majority of the Norwegian trygdeeksporten. After retirement, it is child benefit and disability insurance it is exported to the most of.

The most common oppholdslandet for recipients of the Norwegian social security in foreign countries is Sweden. Roughly every third dollar that goes from the Norwegian trygdekassen and out of the country, goes just to our neighbors in the east.
After Sweden, Poland and Denmark coming in second and third place. Then we find Spain and the united STATES.

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