Sunday, January 22, 2017

16 evacuated from branndrama in Lillehammer – ABC News

in total, 16 people evacuated due to the fire, which started in an apartment building at the intersection of main street and Elvegata in Lillehammer, norway on the night of Sunday. One of them was taken to hospital with smoke damage.

It was the building where the fire started – in the main street 81 – that burned down. It was a long time a great fear that the fire would spread to the two adjacent addresses, but the fire department got the Sunday morning session control of fire in the grade ii listed trebebyggelsen.

– There is talk about the three wooden houses that are stuck together. One is totalskadd, while the two others have smoke and water damage, but it has not caught fire there, ” says operasjonsleder Sissel Svarstad in Inland police to the NTB.

One røykskadd

emergency Services had early control of all of the people who stayed in the buildings, and no one is missed after the fire. A woman in 20 years was carried out and sent to hospital with smoke damage. Beyond that, there are no reports of injuries, informs the police.

Eight people were evacuated from the Storgata 81 and four from a small house right by the. In addition, the had four to be evacuated from the main street and 77 and 79, where it is mostly businesses and a few apartments.

According to VG started the fire in an apartment where a group of friends of four people, most of them students, are resident.

Distinguished mayor of the town

Mayor Espen Granberg Johnsen (Ap) is clearly marked after the fire and says to the local newspaper GD that he is happy that no one lost their lives.

It was a very sad and tired start to the day. The most important thing is that it has gone well with the people who live there, and that there are no casualties. It is good to see that the sufferers have been well taken care of, ” he says.

They evacuated people were staying at the Mill hotel, informs the police. It is currently too early to say anything about the cause of the fire, as the police reported about the clock 4.20 night to Sunday.

– Absolutely terrible

Aage Pedersen, who lives in the apartment building says to NRK that he woke up by the alarm.

– I had been away on a visit and was sitting up and watching TV. It was very luck that I have let me on the couch, and not in the bedroom. For when I woke up, it was full with smoke. I don’t know if I had survived, ” says Pedersen of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

Pedersen escaped the fire through a window, and climbed down by the help of the fire department stigebil:

This is absolutely terrible. I did not have with me more than I can stand and walk in, ” says Pedersen of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.


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