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FACTS: Therefore, be it bus train Daily


Recently signed NICE contracts with nearly 40 bus companies from Mandal in the south to Isabela in the north on this.

– the contract price is greater than the former, then it must be taken into account for a lot of maintenance work over the next few years, says communications manager Åge-Christoffer Lundeby in the NSB Persontog to Dagsavisen.

– How is the development when it comes to the need for the bus for the train?

– if you see that the need for bus service for trains on the planned deviation is increasing. This has to do with the Path NORs construction, repair and maintenance. When it comes to the occurred deviations, we hope that they shall sink to come in line with the improvements made, responding Lundeby.

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Over 80 bussperioder

There are over 80 totalbrudd on stretches of railway which will involve the bus for the train in the course of 2017. These periods will last from ten hours to six weeks, says head of communications Kjell Ground in the Path of NOR .

– We will be performing many tasks, at least on a par with the previous year, he says.

the Work includes both maintenance, renewal and construction of new facilities, such as the extension of passing loops.

– most of The periods of the bus to the train is between ten and 48 hours, much of it on the night of Sunday, and in connection with weekends. But it is also sommerstengt in six weeks at Oslo S, continues the Ground.

– Where is the bus for the train?

– most of this is in the Osloområdet where both the traffic and the wear is greatest. But there are also a number of other places, such as on the bergen Railway line, the Sørlandsbanen and Dovrebanen. We set also started with the electrification between Trondheim and Steinkjer, and work with the new signalling systems between Sandnes and Stavanger.

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– When are they finished?

Willy Frantzen, chairman of the board of Pendlerforeningen Østfold and Follo, react with great outrage that it is even more bus trips for the NSB-passengers.

– When should they be finished with to build? Can we get an end date? he asks.

– What is the big problem today is that each project takes too long time because the authorities are not willing to lend the money needed to build the finished with a time. We could have been finished a long time ago!

Follobanen and Ringeriksbanen are just two examples that it really can take a long time to build railway in Norway. Already at the end of the 1980s came the first report about the need for increased capacity on the route Oslo – Ski. Now is the goal to be finished with the 22 miles by the end of 2021.

Ringeriksbanen was part of the NSBs national plan already in 1922. In the 1960s, many considered that the path would be completed, without so happened. Now hope the government that the 40 miles may be ready for use in the course of 2024.

But even when all nybyggingen after each is done, there will still be bus of train, says Kjell Ground in the Path of NOR.

– Maintenance we must operate with. It is a perpetual case.

– Invisible

The new organization of the railway in Norway, with the Jernbanedirektoratet and the Path NOR, has so far not helped to give Willy Frantzen faith that better times will come for pendlerne.

– I would have been even clearer in my criticism of the conditions, but I do not know any longer whom I shall criticize in the and with were in favour, ” he says.

at the same time responds Frantzen on little attention is directed towards those who really are important in this context – the passengers.

– They tell that it is the trains that are delayed, not pendlerne. They make people invisible.

– How is it to travel by bus instead of train?

– It takes longer, not least in the rushtida, and everyday life becomes much more uncertain because the buses may be delayed in other ways, too, that in the event of accidents. And so this is also about the environment, but it has most forgotten.

– We are not happy to disturb togreisende in this way, but we do it to get a stable orbit, and avoid technical errors. Such things also creates annoyance, commenting on the the Ground.

only a few days ago made Jernbanedirektoratet and Path, NOR a number of agreements relating to the planning and construction of new stretches and facilities for a total of 48,5 billion. A total of 58 projects are included. It is also entered into an agreement for the operation and maintenance of existing jernbanenett of about 6 billion for the current year.

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