Monday, January 30, 2017

Taxi driver robbed and beaten up by five people – NRK

The 46-year-old drosjesjåføren was sent to the Haukeland university hospital after a robbery at Helleveien in Outer Sandviken in Bergen on Monday night.

the Driver was going to meet a previous customer to get paid for a uoppgjort trip. When he appeared, he was met by five people who went loose on the man.

He was attacked by several people and stripped of any of the assets. He got away and notified us, ” says operasjonsleder Lars Geitle in the West standings.

Then went the man to the emergency room with injuries in the face and head. They sent him on to the Haukeland. Drosjesjåføren is now written out from hospital.

Through the explanation to drosjesjåføren took the police to a home near where the heist happened. Where caught the five people.

They are now in jails, and being put in custody. Questioning will be taken in the course of the morning. They have no history with the police from before, without that I can go into detail on what criminal relationships, ” says Geitle.

The pågrepne of the matter is two women and three men, between 28 and 51 years.


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